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Human Factors May Explain Personal Injury Cases

Human factors is a discipline that bears on personal injury claims that applies scientific knowledge of perception,cognition and response to product design and human behavior according to personal injury lawyer Brien Roche. Perception,cognition and response are in large measure governed … Continue reading

Choice of Law Provisions

More and more contracts contain mandatory arbitration clauses and also what are called choice-of-law clauses.  Any injury attorney handling product liability matters needs to be sensitive to the language of any pertinent contracts. A choice of law clause may seem … Continue reading

Failure To Communicate

Failure to communicate between health care  providers is a frequent cause of serious medical injury and resulting medical malpractice.  Many hospitals use the “National Patient Safety Goals” published by the Joint Commission as a basic standard for their policies and procedures.  … Continue reading

Defendant Insolvency

So you have a sizeable claim, liability is reasonably clear and the defendant appears to be viable.  Then the unthinkable happens.  The defendant files bankruptcy.This is a nightmare for the plaintiff and for the plaintiff’s personal injury attorney.  If there … Continue reading

Secrecy Of Settlements Should be Resisted

Many defendants now require that plaintiffs in personal injury actions sign secrecy or confidentiality agreements.  These agreement can be innocuous if they only cover the basic terms of the settlement.  However, many of these secrecy agreements go much further than … Continue reading

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