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Anesthetic Injury Due to Gastric Aspiration

Anesthesia injury can occur from gastric aspiration which is avoidable. Gastric aspiration can occur during the course of the administration of anesthesia due to the patient’s stomach contents entering into the esophagus and then into the pharynx.  From the pharynx … Continue reading

Injuries Due to Time Urgent Delivery Systems

Injuries due to time urgent delivery systems are common according to accident lawyer Brien Roche. In the rush rush world that we live in we have all become accustomed to overnight delivery, 10:00 a.m. next-day delivery or 30-minute delivery. Such time … Continue reading

Food Poisoning in the U.S.

On December 15, 2010 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that one in six Americans get sick from food illnesses every year and approximately 3,000 people die from such illnesses each year.  Although these figures are lower than … Continue reading

Black Box Data In Auto Accidents

The “black box” is sometimes called the Electronic Control Module or the Electronic Control Unit or may also be referred to as the crash data recorder or event data recorder. They are all one and the same.  Not all motor vehicles … Continue reading

Sudden Medical Emergency Is Not The End of A Plaintiff's Case

The defense of sudden medical emergency can be raised where a medical condition has caused a driver to lose control of a vehicle.  If such a driver has caused injury to another motorist, that does not mean that the driver is necessarily free … Continue reading

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