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Periventricular Leukomalacia Misdiagnosis

Periventricular leukomalacia (PVL)misdiagnosis constituting medical malpractice is seen sometimes with premature babies. PVL is a form of brain injury. These infants typically go on to display developmental problems and very often develop cerebral palsy or epilepsy.  Periventricular leukomalacia is frequently misdiagnosed … Continue reading

Electronic Fetal Monitoring Negligence

Electronic fetal monitoring medical malpractice can have devastaing c0nsequences. Fetal monitoring is the norm in monitoring a baby’s  progress during the process of labor.  The normal baseline fetal heart rate is 110 to 160 beats per minute.  Levels below 110 beats … Continue reading

Anesthetic Injury Due to Gastric Aspiration

Anesthesia injury due to gastric aspiration is avoidable according medical malpractice attorney Brien Roche. Gastric aspiration can occur during the course of the administration of anesthesia due to the patient’s stomach contents entering into the esophagus and then into the … Continue reading

Anesthesia Injury Due to Brain Function Monitoring

Anesthesia injury due lack of brain function monitoring may be the basis for a medical malpractice claim.Brain function monitoring is the key to the administration of the proper amount of anesthesia during the course of general anesthesia.One size does not … Continue reading

Job Injuries Due to Product Defects

Job injuries due to product defects or product liability issues can be devastating. In any job related injury that is the result of some product defect it is critical to gain control of the equipment/product as quickly as possible.  In … Continue reading

Truck Collisions Due to Drugs or Alcohol

Any truck accident that involves potential usage of drugs or alcohol by the truck driver needs to be thoroughly investigated. One of the first things to be obtained is any and all U. S. Department of Transportation mandated or allowed testing … Continue reading

Truck Accidents Due to Driver Falling Asleep

Any truck accident occurring as a result of the truck driver falling asleep at the wheel must involve a thorough investigation of the driver’s medical history. Most drivers are paid by the mile and, as such, the more time that … Continue reading

Truck Accident Underride is Preventable

Truck accident underride refers to a motor vehicle riding under the back of a truck. This can have disastrous consequences.  The U. S. Department of Transportation has published written standards regarding proper rear-impact guards for tractor trailers.  There is some ongoing controversy as to … Continue reading

Hydrocarbon Refrigerators are Soon to be Approved

Refrigerators currently sold in the United States either have freon in them or have hydrofluorocarbon in them as a refrigerant.  Freon is an ozone depleting substance when it enters the atmosphere.  Hydrofluorocarbon, on the other hand, presents problems as far … Continue reading

Exculpatory Clauses May Not Be Enforceable

Exculpatory clauses have been the subject of some controversy for many  years both in the context of contractual provisions and in the context of personal injury claims according to injury attorney Brien Roche.  An exculpatory clause seeks to limit the … Continue reading

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