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Product Liability-Batteries

Product Liability-Batteries Lithium-ion batteries are almost universal.  You find them in cell phones, laptop computers and a host of consumer devices.  The primary reason that Smart Phones are as thin as they are is because of these types of batteries.  … Continue reading

Wrongful Death Grief

The element of grief in a wrongful death action is important.  Aside from whatever financial losses the survivors may have suffered from the death of the loved one, the most overwhelming component of damage may well be what is known … Continue reading

Food Poisoning-Personal Injury

Food Poisoning-Personal Injury On January 5, 2013, The Washington Post reported that the Federal government is promulgating new rules for food producers and manufacturers.  The intent is to prevent food-borne illnesses. Over the last several years there have been several … Continue reading

Cardiac Conditions-Medical Malpractice

There are a host of tests that can be undertaken to deal with potential or real cardiac conditions.  Cardiac conditions most often are manifested initially by chest pains. The various treatment options consist of but are not limited to the … Continue reading

Settling Personal Injury Claims

Settling Personal Injury Claims The concept of cyber settling personal injury claims is not new.  An attorney by the name of James Ring from Boston has come up with a website that is, in part, based upon game theory with the … Continue reading

Heart Attack-Medical Malpractice

Heart Attack-Medical Malpractice A heart attack occurs when there is a lack of blood flow to the heart muscle.  That can occur for a number of reasons.  Most often the reason is a clogged vessel that is preventing blood from … Continue reading

Hair Samples

A December 23, 2012 article in the Washington Post discloses dramatic flaws not only in the use of hair samples in criminal cases but what appear to be outright misrepresentations by forensic scientists as to the reliability of hair samples.  Hair … Continue reading

Process Service

For more information on process see the pages on Wikipedia. Process Service-The Need For Dispatch A recent unpublished decision from the First Circuit Court of Appeals in New England sets forth everything that a lawyer or party should not do … Continue reading

Injury Attorney-Police Abuse

Injury Attorney-Police Abuse The Washington Post on December 30, 2012 published an editorial dealing with an incident at the University of Maryland.   On March 3, 2010 after Maryland’s basketball victory over Duke there were prolonged and rowdy street demonstrations in … Continue reading

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