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Watchful Waiting Prostate Treatment

A prostate treatment that now enhances the possibility of avoiding surgery is being marketed by a company known as Genomic Health. This genetic test  can identify aggressive and also non-aggressive forms of prostate cancer.  This distinction can help men avoid prostate … Continue reading

Differential Diagnosis & Medical Malpractice

The term “differential diagnosis” is well-known to physicians but typically is not appreciated by the patient.  A differential diagnosis means that the physician probably has come up with a likely diagnosis as to what the problem is but also has … Continue reading

Heart Disease

Heart disease is an ailment that afflicts millions of Americans. Doctors are well equipped to deal with patients who are at high risk for heart disease.  Unfortunately there are a lot of people who are in that broad middle category of … Continue reading

Ophthalmology Treatments

Common eye problems that arise in people over 40 are such things as cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma and floaters. Cataracts Cataracts are small clumps of protein that form on the lens making it cloudy.  This can result in a loss … Continue reading

Antioxidant Product Liability

Antioxidant product liability is not exactly the rage these days. There is however a good bit of information floating around about the use of antioxidants and how beneficial they are. More antioxidants, however, are not necessarily better. The research in fact has shown … Continue reading

Hand Injuries

Hand injuries, whether they come in the form of bruises, breaks or cuts, can frequently be tricky. There are a number of surgeons who hold themselves out as hand surgeons. Many of them are cosmetic surgeons who also do hand surgery.  As … Continue reading

Communication Failure

A communication failure among health care providers can be devastating to the patient. This is most critical during a hospital stay. In a recent Washington Post article of April 30, 2013 an incident is recounted where a gastroenterologist came in … Continue reading

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