Monthly Archives: June 2013

Dog Bites & Dog Attacks

Dog attacks can invoke a variety of different types of laws.  Some states and localities have leash laws.  Other states and localities have strict liability laws relating to dog attacks and dog bites.  It is critical to know both the … Continue reading

Clinical Practice Guidelines & Medical Malpractice

Practice Guidelines are established by a number of different entities in order to guide physicians and health care providers on how to deal with certain conditions. These guidelines can be helpful in a medical malpractice case but they can also be … Continue reading

Emergency Room Malpractice

The primary rule in any emergency room is the “worst first” rule.  What this means is that life and limb-threatening problems must be ruled out first.  Once the health care provider has done that, then the priority of treatment can … Continue reading

Retinal Detachment

Retinal detachment is an increasingly common problem among people over 40.  It is quite common that people have what are called “floaters” in their eyes.  Floaters occur when tiny pieces of the vitreous fluid that is in the eyeball break … Continue reading

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