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Lyme Disease

Lyme disease can be devastating.  Lyme disease is typically contracted from deer ticks.  The tick bite produces a painless red circle surrounding the bite.  That circle appears shortly after being infected.  This is called a bull’s-eye rash.  People with the … Continue reading

Rule on Witnesses – What it Really Means

I am always amazed with the varying interpretations that Judges have of the Rule on Witnesses. I have seen the Rule applied so that, in some instances, counsel is not allowed to communicate with any witness or party once that … Continue reading

Forensic Laboratories

Forensic laboratories across the country have been subjected to a barrage of criticism.  Much of that criticism is well-founded.  In January 2013 the New York City Medical Examiner’s office confirmed that it was reviewing more than 800 rape cases for … Continue reading

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