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Auto Insurance Liability

You would think that the topic of auto insurance is a simple one.  Years ago some insurance carriers began writing auto insurance policies in what they call plain English.  Plain English to an insurance carrier is typically not plain English … Continue reading

Pedestrian Collisions

Pedestrian collisions most often have an unfavorable outcome for the pedestrian. The number of pedestrians killed on US roadways has increased dramatically over the last five years. A total of 4735 pedestrians were killed in motor vehicle accidents in 2013. … Continue reading

Car Accidents Caused By Texting While Driving

Texting while driving is dangerous. Distracted driving presents many dangers that can threaten the lives of the driver, passengers or bystanders. Distracted driving is so dangerous that many states have taken legal action to prohibit the activity. Still, every day, millions of drivers … Continue reading

Recreational Vehicle Accidents

Virginia is a great state for outdoor adventures and off-road excitement. As a state that has both mountains and beaches, Virginia is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. If you are one of the many residents or visitors that own a recreational … Continue reading

Rear End Collision : Two Questions You Should Ask

A rear end collision is one of the most common car accidents.  Most of us have heard that if you are rear-ended in a car accident, the tailing car is almost always at fault.  While that is true in most … Continue reading

Drunk Drivers

A man in Florida who suffers from brain damage due to an accident caused by a drunk driver was awarded $5 million as settlement in his personal injury claim.  In 2007 Dwight Grant, a passenger in a stopped vehicle, was … Continue reading

Drunk Driving

In an effort to combat drunk driving in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Governor Terry McAuliffe introduced the Virginia Faces of Drunk Driving website.  McAuliffe dedicated the Tumblr site to the people whose lives were ended by drunk drivers and also … Continue reading

Vertigo-Car Accidents

Vertigo is a feeling that you or your surroundings are spinning.  Car accidents can be the cause.  Vertigo itself is simply a symptom, not a disease.   Vertigo-Car Accidents-Maintaining Balance Your ability to maintain proper balance is a function of … Continue reading

Car Accidents Alighting from Vehicle

Many people do not appreciate that car accidents involving alighting from a vehicle are frequently the fault of the person who is exiting the vehicle.  For instance imagine that you park on the right side of a one-way street.  Exiting … Continue reading

Alcohol Intake Discussed By Personal Injury Lawyer

Alcohol intake has been a subject of discussion for many years.  An article from The Washington Post on April 9, 2013 addresses five (5) things to know about drinking.  Moderate alcohol consumption is typically defined as being two (2) drinks … Continue reading

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