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Vertigo Car Accidents

Vertigo is a feeling that you or your surroundings are spinning.  Car accidents can be the cause.  Vertigo itself is simply a symptom, not a disease.   Vertigo Involves Loss Of Balance Your ability to maintain proper balance is a … Continue reading

Car Accidents Alighting from Vehicle

Many people do not appreciate that car accidents involving alighting from a vehicle are frequently the fault of the person who is exiting the vehicle.  For instance imagine that you park on the right side of a one-way street.  Exiting … Continue reading

Alcohol Intake Discussed By Personal Injury Lawyer

Alcohol intake has been a subject of discussion for many years.  An article from The Washington Post on April 9, 2013 addresses five (5) things to know about drinking.  Moderate alcohol consumption is typically defined as being two (2) drinks … Continue reading

Motor Vehicle Accident Data Addressed By Accident Lawyer

Motor vehicle accident data is becoming more and more available to third parties as electronic sophistication grows.  Many cars that are currently on the road record speed, direction, gear setting and when brakes activate and for how long as a … Continue reading

Teenage Wrongful Death

Teenage wrongful death is on the rise based on some figures from the year 2012.  The 2012 figures are compared to the year 2011, which was a low point in teenage highway deaths so the figures may be somewhat misleading.  In … Continue reading

Motorcycle Accident Deer Collision

The motorcycle accident deer collision phenomenon in the Washington Metropolitan area has taken its toll on motorcyclists.  The Washington Post reports on October 9, 2012 that seven of the eight people that have been killed in collisions with deer over a three-year period … Continue reading

Injury Attorney Addresses Contributory Negligence v. Comparative Negligence

Contributory negligence and comparative negligence are concepts that are well-known to any personal injury attorney.  In 46 of the 50 states the rule of law that applies is what is known as comparative negligence.  That is the negligence of the plaintiff is … Continue reading

Auto Accident Attorney Fairfax

An auto accident attorney in Fairfax, Virginia is probably a bit more busy than attorneys in many other parts of the state because of the level of congestion in this area.  Although the roads throughout the Fairfax area tend to be quite … Continue reading

Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer focuses principally on vehicle accident claims whether they come in the form of motor vehicle collisions, truck accidents, bicycle accidents or pedestrian accidents.  Some personal injury lawyers expand the scope of their practice and go beyond … Continue reading

Accident Lawyer Reports Texting Not Reckless

Texting not reckless Fairfax:It appears that texting is not reckless driving in Fairfax County according to accident lawyer Brien Roche. On May 15, 2011 a young man by the name of Jason Gage rear-ended a vehicle that had been driven … Continue reading

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