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Maintaining Balance

Maintaining balance is in large measure controlled by your vestibular system. The vestibular system is that portion of the inner ear that coordinates information from various parts of the body. It then allows you to engage in what we simply … Continue reading

Obstetric Medical Malpractice

Obstetric medical malpractice is most often seen in birth injuries such as brachial plexus and cerebral palsy but may also be seen in certain actions, omissions or results of the birthing process as set forth below. Vaginal Birth After Caesarean … Continue reading

In a Medical Malpractice Case What Does Standard of Care Mean?

In a medical malpractice case what does standard of care mean is a question that should be understood and answered to the client’s satisfaction.  Standard of care loosely means the rule that applies to the healthcare provider’s conduct.  When I … Continue reading

Statute of Limitations In Medical Malpractice Cases

.In a medical malpractice case what is the statute of limitations is typically the first question that any attorney is going to ask in reviewing a case.   Statute of Limitations In Medical Malpractice Cases Must Be Addressed Early In … Continue reading

In a Medical Malpractice Case What Does Causation Mean?

.In a medical malpractice case what does causation mean is an important question to have answered.  In “legal lingo” causation means proximate cause.  The word proximate technically is the opposite of approximate.  In common usage approximate means “almost”.  The technical … Continue reading

How Do I Find a Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

How do I find a medical malpractice lawyer is a difficult question to answer. Probably the best place to start is with friends and family who may have previously retained a medical malpractice lawyer in the locale where you are. If … Continue reading

Injection Caused Injury

Injection caused injury is sometimes the explanation for shoulder symptoms that arise. Injection Caused Injury-Injection Too High What typically happens with an injection caused injury is that the needle containing the vaccine is injected too high in the shoulder.  It … Continue reading

Expert Witnesses DC

Expert witnesses in Washington DC are governed by the Frye case. Frye holds that expert testimony may be admitted if the scientific principles are sufficiently established to have gained general acceptance in the field in which they belong. The US … Continue reading


Stroke is the fourth leading cause of adult death in the United States. By 2030 nearly one in every 25 adults will suffer a stroke. Stroke: Ischemic or Hemorrhagic Most strokes can be broadly categorized as either hemorrhagic or ischemic. … Continue reading

Tort Law and Health Care

Within the general field of health care there is a good deal of discussion of tort law because tort actions comprise what are more commonly known as medical malpractice or medical negligence actions.  In medical malpractice or medical negligence suit is premised upon … Continue reading

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