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Nursing Home Records

Nursing home records are of course critical in any nursing home case. In most nursing home cases the most important expert to be retained is a nurse with experience in long-term care.  The nurse is of course going to want … Continue reading

Nursing Home Abuse Arbitration Requirements

Nursing home abuse arbitration requirements has been previously addressed on this site.  There are a number of factors to be considered in determining whether or not an arbitration agreement within a nursing home contract is enforceable: Although the U. S. … Continue reading

Nursing Home Abuse Arbitration

Nursing home abuse arbitration has been the subject of some litigation over the last many years.  Many nursing home contracts contain a mandatory nursing home arbitration clause requiring that any disputes between the patient and the nursing home,whether it be one … Continue reading

Nursing Home Abuse:Pressure Sores Preventable

Pressure Sores May Be A Form Of Nursing Home Abuse Pressure sores preventable:  They are a bugaboo for any nursing home and can be deadly for the patient.They are sometimes called pressure sores or pressure ulcers or just bed sores and many people … Continue reading

State Run Homes for the Disabled

Nursing Home Abuse Nursing home abuse in state-run nursing homes in New York State was the subject of a recent expose in New York Times article published on March 12, 2011.  The investigation took place over a year and found significant problems … Continue reading

Nursing Home Negligence Warning Signs

If you are a loved one of a person in a nursing home, you should be on the lookout for certain nursing home abuse warning signs: Bed sores also called pressure sores Poor hygiene Bruises Unexplained falls Inadequate staffing Dehydration … Continue reading

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