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Child Head Injuries

Child head injuries are potentially problematic cases for a host of reasons. They require the intervention of a multitude of professionals. Children naturally fear strangers. They frequently are uncomfortable with new people and putting them into a situation where they … Continue reading

Platelet Treatment

Platelet treatment, also called Platelet-rich plasma treatment, is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of different types of injuries.  The treatment involves injecting concentrated platelets, taken from the patient’s own blood, into the site of injury in order to speed … Continue reading


Diagnosis-misdiagnosis are contrary terms but frequently go hand-in-hand.  Studies indicate that doctors make the wrong diagnosis in 10% to 15% of office visits for a new problem.   Diagnosis-Misdiagnosis Avoiding the Latter The average office visit with most physicians last … Continue reading

Back Pain

One in four adults experience back pain in the course of a year.  This is also a common reason for doctors’ visits.  Most people recover from back pain without any medical treatment. Back Pain Treatment The generally recommended treatment mode … Continue reading

Sovereign Immunity

Sovereign immunity is a difficult concept to comprehend in Virginia.  The cases from the Virginia Supreme Court appear to be inconsistent. Sovereign Immunity-Ministerial and Discretionary A recent trial court decision from the Chesapeake Circuit Court however somewhat clarifies the law. … Continue reading

Proximate Causation

The concept of proximate causation is always a difficult one.  The word “proximate” literally means “near”.  It can be juxtaposed to the word “approximate” which literally means “not near”.  A near cause of any event is one that is a … Continue reading

Economic Loss Rule-Negligent Representation

The economic loss rule in its original form was designed to prevent a commercial buyer of defective goods from suing either in negligence or strict liability when the only injury consisted of damage to the goods themselves.  The rule attempts … Continue reading

Secret Settlements

Secret settlements are common but they can also be dangerous.  Remington Firearms Company knew of hundreds of documented deaths and injuries resulting from defects in their Model 700 trigger mechanism.  They were able to conceal this flaw for years by … Continue reading

Boss Tweed

We have all heard of Tammany Hall.  It is the so-called meeting place of the famously corrupt head of the New York City Democratic Party.  His full name was William Magear “Boss” Tweed.  Tweed served one term in the U.S. … Continue reading

Urinary Infections Addressed By Fairfax Injury Lawyer

Urinary infections are the most common of all bacterial infections.  As many as 80% of women will get at least one such infection.  They can be caused by sexual activity, the use of certain spermicides, the use of diaphragms, the … Continue reading

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