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Personal Injury – Social Media

Social media can be a game changer in regards to personal injury claims.  That can apply to both sides in a trial.  It’s not unusual that sometimes witnesses for the other side may make postings on social media that can … Continue reading

Meeting Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Potential clients may be nervous about meeting a personal injury lawyer for the first time.  Many people have never met a lawyer in a business context before.  Personal injury attorneys do not necessarily enjoy the best of reputations. Injury Lawyer-The … Continue reading

Tractor Trailer Crashes

Tractor trailer crashes account for approximately 500,000 vehicles accidents in the United States each year.  Drivers of these large trucks are ten times more likely to be the cause of a car crash than any other factor.  Those other potential … Continue reading

Personal Injury-Bankruptcy

Personal Injury-Bankruptcy:  Two terms that most people would think have nothing to do with each other.  In fact they do.  An injured party who has filed bankruptcy may not own that injury claim.  If that injured party has innocently or … Continue reading

Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment

Traumatic Brain Injury treatment typically has been fairly simple:  rest.  Lots of rest is thought to give the brain an opportunity to heal. Although rest may well be a significant component of any treatment mode, there is now emerging thought … Continue reading

Measuring Pain

Measuring pain is difficult to say the least.  Pain and suffering claims comprise a substantial percentage of personal injury actions.  Typically a large component of the plaintiff’s loss is the past pain and ongoing pain.  The question is how does … Continue reading

Traumatic Brain Injury Testing

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) testing has always been somewhat controversial.  Most of the tests currently employed are quite subjective.  They consist of such things as determining whether or not a person can follow the tester’s finger, whether the person knows … Continue reading

Propane Heaters Can Cause Carbon Monoxide Injury

Propane heaters can cause carbon monoxide injury as reported by injury attorney Brien Roche. These heaters are intended for outdoors usage by campers but can be a source of serious carbon monoxide injury.  Many of these heaters contain no warnings … Continue reading

Medical Record Metadata

Medical record metadata can be critical in terms of evaluating when changes were made to medical records and who made them.  Metadata is that data that is recorded electronically to reflect when a document is changed and how it’s changed. … Continue reading

Federal Tort Claims Cases

Federal tort claims cases are based on a limited waiver of immunity by the federal government. The waiver applies to negligence actions brought against a US employee acting in the scope of employment. The individual employees are not liable. The … Continue reading

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