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Eyewitness Identification

Eyewitness identification is a critical feature of our legal system.  Most people would agree that eyewitness identification however stands on fragile legs. Eyewitness identification is frequently influenced by such things as the race of a suspect, bad lighting, aggressive police … Continue reading

What Kind of Compensation is Available for a Spinal Cord Injury Claim?

A spinal cord injury is a serious and life-altering experience that can impact the lives of victims both temporarily or permanently.  Because of the integral relationship between the spinal cord and the body, spinal cord injuries can create a host … Continue reading

ERISA Subrogation

The issue of ERISA subrogation was the subject of a recent Supreme Court decision entitled U.S. Airways, Inc. v. McCutchen. In this case the Court dealt with the ERISA statute and the concept of ERISA subrogation.  ERISA stands for Employee Retirement … Continue reading

Truck Accidents Driver Fault

In looking at the issue of truck driver fault in truck accidents the issues of apnea, falling asleep and drug/alcohol usage all must be considered. Truck Accidents Driver Fault – Apnea The truck accident-sleep apnea connection should be looked at … Continue reading

Head Injury

In a new case filed in the Superior Court of California in September 2014, Chelsea Oliver has sued the National Football League. Head Injury-CTE Mrs. Oliver was the wife of Paul Oliver, former San Diego Charger and New Orleans Saint … Continue reading

Closed Head Injury – CT Scan

Closed head injury simply means that there has been no skull fracture. It does not mean that there has been no brain injury. In fact most head injuries are classified as closed head injuries. Closed Head Injury-CT Scan The most … Continue reading

Punitive Damage Awards

The Virginia Supreme Court recently dealt with the issue of punitive damage awards.  The question was whether or not an award in this particular case was too high.  The jury in this case awarded different amounts of compensatory damages to … Continue reading

Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery becomes necessary when the cushion between the bone has worn down. That cushion between the bones is the cartilage. The knee bones themselves are held in place through ligaments that tie the bones together and provide stability. … Continue reading

Rowdy Teenage Passengers

Rowdy teenage passengers pose a greater risk for teenage drivers than do cell phones or message texting according to an April 2014 study from the University of North Carolina. Teenage drivers are six times more likely to have to take … Continue reading

Freedom Calls

Freedom calls for Frederick Douglass. Douglas began his quest for freedom on a train that pulled out of Baltimore, Maryland. He jumped onboard a rail car designated for blacks. His name, according to his papers, was Frederick Bailey. The papers … Continue reading

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