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Preventing Medical Malpractice

The team approach in medicine may well be on the horizon.  In a December 2, 2012 article in The Washington Post a young physician reported on the team approach within the Veterans Administration system.  The team approach, as the name … Continue reading


Orthopedists are frequent players in personal injury claims.  Orthopaedic surgery or the general field of orthopaedics deals with injuries to the skeletal system and to the muscular system.  In any serious muscular or skeletal injury an orthopaedic surgeon should be … Continue reading

Ophthalmological Medical Malpractice

Eye surgery is becoming more and more prevalent in particular as the population ages.  There are several conditions that may necessitate eye surgery. Cataracts are a result of the clumping of proteins around the lens of the eye thereby causing … Continue reading

Birth Injuries

Birth injuries can be seen in a variety of forms and in some instances may he the result of medical malpractice by the obstetrician. Cerebral Palsy Cerebral palsy traditionally has been considered to be a product of oxygen deprivation during … Continue reading

Specific Product Liability Cases

Specific Product Liability Cases-Machine Entrapment Machine entrapment cases are considerably less common today than they were years ago principally because of guarding techniques that have been employed by manufacturers and the success of product liability lawyers in promoting safety.  The … Continue reading

Product Liability Generally

Product Liability Generally and Federal Preemption The Preemption Doctrine states essentially that where the federal government has passed legislation and has intended to, so to speak, occupy that particular field then the 50 states cannot intervene in terms of passing … Continue reading

Product Liability and Auto Injury

Rollover injuries continue to be a problem with many vehicles The doctrine of crashworthiness is a component of product liability law which  was developed many years ago and is based upon the duty of auto manufacturers to protect occupants in … Continue reading


Infections Can Be Good In 1989 17,414 British school children were studied by an epidemiologist and he concluded from them that those who had grown up with more siblings and, thereby presumably more germs, were less likely to have allergies … Continue reading

Insurance Coverage

You would think that the topic of auto insurance is a simple one.  Years ago some insurance carriers began writing auto insurance policies in what they call plain English.  Plain English to an insurance carrier is typically not plain English … Continue reading

Baby Powder Lawsuits

Johnson & Johnson, the world-famous maker of Band Aids, has recently been hit with several sizable verdicts relating to its product known as “Baby Powder” and also referred to as talcum powder.  Johnson & Johnson, the company that has brought … Continue reading

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