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Cruise Ship Injuries

Cruise ship injuries have become the stuff of many recent headlines. What many passengers are unaware of is that when they board a cruise ship and are subsequently injured, that does not mean that they have any entitlement to bring … Continue reading

Injury Attorney Defines Constructive Knowledge

Injury Attorney Explains Constructive Knowledge The term “constructive” is one that is used frequently in the law.  It is derived from the word “construe”.  When you hear the term constructive knowledge or constructive fraud what that means is that you … Continue reading

Premises Liability Tips

Premises liability claims require proof that the owner or manager of the premises knew of the defect in the premises that caused the injury to you.  If, in fact, you have been injured as a result of some defect or … Continue reading

Homeowners Liability Claims

Homeowners liability claims are not that common but when they do arise they can cause a great deal of anxiety.Homeowner’s insurance policies in the Fairfax, Virginia area, as is true in most jurisdictions, may cover most of these personal injury claims.  … Continue reading

Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries are a frequent cause of liability for property owners in the Fairfax,Virginia area.  Property owners need to be vigilant as to irregularities in walking surfaces that might cause a person to fall.  Likewise, any change in … Continue reading

Drownings-Rip Tides

Drowning-rip tides is a significant problem in many beaches across the United States.  The rip tide effect is essentially caused by a break in sandbars that are offshore allowing water that is washed on the shore side of the sandbar to then funnel through … Continue reading

Power Line Injuries

Power line injuries continue to be a devastating source of injury in many locales. The victim not having seen the overhead uninsulated line is generally a product of that persons own visual acuity, problems with depth perception, fatigue or forgetfulness. Other … Continue reading

Diving Accidents

Diving accidents in swimming pools and other facilities have decreased dramatically over the years principally due to the enhanced awareness of the dangers associated with diving and the fact that many pools have removed their diving boards. The general theories … Continue reading

Swimming Facility Injuries

In analyzing swimming facility injuries there are a number of factors to be considered.State and local codes must be analyzed carefully to determine any and all requirements that may exist as far as: Fencing. The nature and characteristics of any gates. … Continue reading

Chemical Exposure Injuries

Chemical exposure injuries to some extent may be defined by the Material Safety Data Sheet for the product according to personal injury attorney Brien Roche .  The Material Safety Data Sheet is a result of legislation dealing with the Occupational … Continue reading

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