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Product Liability Injury

Product liability injury cases must be thoroughly reviewed as part of the evaluation process. Gathering information about the product may consist of looking at FDA recalls, market withdrawals, safety alerts and warning letters issued to manufacturers. offers information and … Continue reading

Who is Liable for Product Liability Injuries?

If you’ve been injured by a defective product and want to recover damages for the product liability injuries that you have suffered, the first thing that you should do is contact an experienced lawyer. They will help you determine which … Continue reading

Product Liability and Foreign Manufacturers

Foreign manufacturers are viewed by many plaintiff’s lawyers as being exempt from liability. But that need not defeat a claim for product defects. Defective Chinese Drywall The drywall fiasco that has occurred over the last many years is an example. … Continue reading

Antioxidant Product Liability

Antioxidant product liability is not exactly the rage these days. There is however a good bit of information floating around about the use of antioxidants and how beneficial they are. More antioxidants, however, are not necessarily better. The research in fact has shown … Continue reading

Product Liability:Energy Drinks Discussed By Products Liability Lawyer

Product Liability:Energy Drinks Teenagers and young adults have recently become the focus of marketing for energy drinks.  The two most famous such drinks are Red Bull and Monster.  The scientific data shows that these flavored drinks contain high amounts of … Continue reading

Product Liability-Guns Addressed By Product Liability Lawyer

Product liability-guns and shooter liability issues are not only important for the legal community but also of pressing general concern to the public.  The National Rifle Association (NRA) has taken the lead in opposing any sort of background check or federal … Continue reading

Product Liability-Batteries

Product Liability-Batteries Lithium-ion batteries are almost universal.  You find them in cell phones, laptop computers and a host of consumer devices.  The primary reason that Smart Phones are as thin as they are is because of these types of batteries.  … Continue reading

Food Poisoning-Personal Injury

Food Poisoning-Personal Injury On January 5, 2013, The Washington Post reported that the Federal government is promulgating new rules for food producers and manufacturers.  The intent is to prevent food-borne illnesses. Over the last several years there have been several … Continue reading

Product Liability-Foreign Made

Product Liability-Foreign Made Pursuing a product liability claim involving a product that was made by a foreign manufacturer can be somewhat difficult.  The Consumer Product Safety Act was passed in 1972 and was designed to protect consumers from unreasonable risk of … Continue reading


Nanotechnology in Fairfax County certainly is not a new concept.  The prefix “nano” from an etymological point of view means small or dwarf.  Nanotechnology is therefore technology of particles that are incredibly small.  Indeed, the unit of measurement is sometimes … Continue reading

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