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Legal Malpractice Privity

Legal malpractice privity is the core of the attorney-client relationship.  Privity means literally private.  The privity rule is that there is a degree of privacy or closeness between two parties.  Most often privity exists in a contract relationship.  The attorney-client … Continue reading

Who Watching Camp Counselor?

In this age of summer camps of all types ranging from sports camps to computer camps to mathematics camps it is important to know who is the camp counselor who is  going to be dealing with your child and who is … Continue reading

Unhappy Personal Injury Settlement

So you are unhappy with the personal injury settlement that you reached. In Virginia there is a cooling off period after you have signed a Settlement Agreement with an insurance company provided you are not represented by counsel.  Unhappy Personal Injury … Continue reading

Standard Of Care For Legal Specialists

The standard of care for a legal specialist may be different than that for a general practitioner. The Second Restatement of Torts provides that a professional is held to a general standard of care unless that person represents that he … Continue reading

Immigration Status

Immigration status of plaintiffs is sometimes an issue in personal injury actions.  In general, the plaintiff’s immigrations status or the immigration status of any party to litigation is a collateral matter and probably irrelevant.  A number of courts have addressed … Continue reading

Immigration Malpractice May Be On The Rise

Legal malpractice in immigration issues may be on the rise. A recent U. S. Supreme Court decision stating that non-citizens in criminal cases must be advised of possible consequences of a conviction has raised some alarms in the legal community.  In … Continue reading

Real Estate Malpractice is Taking On A New Face

Real estate malpractice may be a burgeoning field. In the early 1990s the mortgage industry undertook to form an entity known as the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) which  has come eventually came to hold close to 67,000 mortgages.  The … Continue reading

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