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Truck Accidents-Improper Maintenance

Truck accidents due to improper maintenance can be fatal.  A recently reported jury verdict in Texas involved a truck wherein the drive shaft broke off underneath the tractor-trailer and flew into an oncoming lane.  The 20-pound metal shaft crashed through … Continue reading

Your Truck Accident and Sleep Apnea May be Related

The truck accident sleep apnea connection should be looked at in most truck accident cases. Sleep apnea is a condition that effects many people, in particular men over 40. It results from the muscles in the back of the throat … Continue reading

Truck Accident Discovery

Truck accident discovery is critical because of the complexity of trucks themselves and the complexity of the relationship between the different companies and drivers that may be involved.What follows is a series of proposed Interrogatories to first the driver and … Continue reading

Truck Accident Investigation I

Truck accident investigation has to be prompt.  When a truck accident occurs the insurance carrier and its lawyers are promptly on the case.  It is not unusual that when a plaintiff is injured it takes several months before that plaintiff … Continue reading

Truck Accident Investigation II

Truck accident investigation has been made somewhat easier with the recent implementation of the Compliance Safety Accountability Program by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of the federal government.  The data available from CSA has to be requested through FOIA.  This … Continue reading

Event Data Recorders

Truck accident event data recorders formerly known as electronic control modules have become more sophisticated.  Not only can these devices provide pre-crash vehicle speed but many of them record the location of the steering wheel and the transmission shift, angle … Continue reading

Monster Trucks

Monster trucks are becoming an increasing hazard on the roadway.  Twin-trailer trucks are two to three times more likely to be invovled in a truck accident than are standard trucks.  These trucks can be more than 100 feet long.  At that length, … Continue reading

Truck Collisions Due to Drugs or Alcohol

Any truck accident that involves potential usage of drugs or alcohol by the truck driver needs to be thoroughly investigated. One of the first things to be obtained is any and all U. S. Department of Transportation mandated or allowed testing … Continue reading

Truck Accidents Due to Driver Falling Asleep

Any truck accident occurring as a result of the truck driver falling asleep at the wheel must involve a thorough investigation of the driver’s medical history. Most drivers are paid by the mile and, as such, the more time that … Continue reading

Truck Accident Underride is Preventable

Truck accident underride refers to a motor vehicle riding under the back of a truck. This can have disastrous consequences.  The U. S. Department of Transportation has published written standards regarding proper rear-impact guards for tractor trailers.  There is some ongoing controversy as to … Continue reading

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