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Truck Accident Standards

Truck accident standards are in large measure derived from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  However those regulations are not the only source of standards.  Truck accident standards can also be found in industry standards and also in the Commercial … Continue reading

Truck Accident Blackbox

Truck accident blackbox data must be retrieved promptly.Most heavy duty diesel engine trucks have what is sometimes called a “black box” or more precisely called an Electronic Control Module (ECM)or sometimes called an electronic data recorder. The ECM contains information … Continue reading

Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents-Monster Trucks Monster trucks are becoming an increasing hazard on the roadway. Twin-trailer trucks are two to three times more likely to be invovled in a truck accident than are standard trucks. These trucks can be more than 100 … Continue reading

Truck Accident Discovery

Truck accident discovery is critical because of the complexity of trucks themselves and the complexity of the relationship between the different companies and drivers that may be involved.What follows is a series of proposed Interrogatories to first the driver and … Continue reading

Truck Collisions Due to Drugs or Alcohol

Any truck collision that involves potential usage of drugs or alcohol by the truck driver needs to be thoroughly investigated. Truck Collision-Testing For Drugs and Alcohol One of the first things to be obtained is any and all U. S. … Continue reading

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