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Wrongful Death Employer Liability

Recently an Illinois Appellate Court ruled an employer must defend against a wrongful death lawsuit charging negligence in their failure to investigate death threats one of its employees had emailed to his family from his work computer.  In this alleged … Continue reading

Electrical Injury Wrongful Death

Electrical Injury Wrongful Death In June of 2009 Carrie Goretzka was fatally injured when a energized power line fell on her.  That power line had set trees on fire in her back yard and then eventually fell on her as … Continue reading

Wrongful Death Grief

The element of grief in a wrongful death action is important.  Aside from whatever financial losses the survivors may have suffered from the death of the loved one, the most overwhelming component of damage may well be what is known … Continue reading

Wrongful Death Distribution

In a wrongful death action the distribution of damages is governed by the State Code.  The class of beneficiaries is fixed as of the date of verdict, not as of the date of death.  That is potentially significant if the … Continue reading

Wrongful Death-Limitations

Wrongful death attorney addresses statute of limitations. The statute of limitations in a wrongful death action is typically two years from the date of death in Virginia.  If however the death occurred in another state, then it may be that the statute … Continue reading

Wrongful Death – Virginia

Any wrongful death action in Virginia that is settled must be approved by the Court.  If suit has already been filed, then the settlement can be approved within the context of that existing lawsuit.  If suit has not been filed, then … Continue reading

Wrongful Death – Personal Representative

In any wrongful death action a personal representative or administrator or executor must be appointed.  The executor is a person designated by the decedent’s Will.  An administrator is a person who is appointed by the Court in the absence of … Continue reading

Wrongful Death Damages

Wrongful death damages consist of both economic losses and non-economic losses.  The economic losses are principally loss of income suffered by the survivors as a result of the passing of the decedent.  In 2008 the Virginia Supreme Court dealt with a case … Continue reading

More on Wrongful Death Damages

On another page on this site I addressed the issue of wrongful death damages.  This is a continuation of that posting.  In general, wrongful death damages are designed to compensate the beneficiary and not to accumulate an estate.  What that means … Continue reading

Wrongful Death:The Grieving Process Must Follow Its Own Course

Grieving Is An Important Component Of A Wrongful Death Action The loss of a loved one is difficult for anyone to bear.  That grieving becomes especially difficult when the loved one is a child. Every wrongful death attorney is sensitive to … Continue reading

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