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Orthopedists and Personal Injury

Orthopedists are frequent players in personal injury claims. 

Orthopaedic surgery or the general field of orthopaedics deals with injuries to the skeletal system and to the muscular system. 

In any serious muscular or skeletal injury an orthopaedic surgeon should be involved.  That orthopaedic surgeon will then oversee the overall care and will prescribe physical therapy or may prescribe anesthetic injections for pain control or may make referrals to other specialists such as neurologists or physical medicine doctors for more specialized treatment for certain injuries.

In most cases the orthopaedic surgeon is the one who is best able to provide what is referred to as a permanent partial disability rating.  This rating is something that is based upon guidelines published by the American Medical Association and puts into numerical form the scope of the actual functional disability that has resulted from the injury. 

A permanent partial disability rating is significant because it can translate into dollars and cents for the person making the claim.  Even if the ongoing permanent disability is not a significant one in terms of the size of the number ascribed to it, it still can be significant for purposes of evaluation of the case. 

See disability ratings for more information.

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