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Poison Injury Highly Treatable Says Personal Injury Lawyer

Brien RochePoison injury is a ongoing problem throughout the United States.
There are a number of things that can be done to prevent poisoning such as:

Storing your medicines and household products in their …

Product Liability-Guns Addressed By Product Liability Lawyer

Brien RocheProduct liability based on guns and shooter liability issues are not only important for the legal community but also of pressing general concern to the public. 
The National Rifle Association (NRA) has taken …

Legal Precedents Addressed By Injury Lawyer

Brien Roche
Legal Precedents
Legal precedents are simply cases that have been previously reported by either an appellate court or a trial court that create some precedent or in some cases binding case law.
In …

Healthcare Finance

The field of healthcare finance is becoming an attractive domain for some very big players.  Companies such as General Electric and other big finance companies have found they can make money by stepping into the somewhat murky world of healthcare finance wherein they purchase debt that is owned by hospitals …

Prostate Surgery Medical Malpractice

Brien Roche
Prostate Problems
Prostate problems in many men are inevitable but in others they are avoidable through proper diet and exercise.  The nature of the problems that may arise consist of …

Obedience to Law

There is a general principle in Virginia that obedience to law is presumed.  That is the party bringing a civil claim along with the party who is being sued is assumed to have to complied with the law.  In one 1989 Virginia Supreme Court case, a defendant in a civil …

Hair Samples

A December 23, 2012 article in the Washington Post discloses dramatic flaws not only in the use of hair samples in criminal cases but what appear to be outright misrepresentations by forensic scientists as to the reliability of hair samples.  Hair samples are frequently a component of proof of a defendant’s …

Process Service

Brien Roche For more information on process see the pages on Wikipedia.Process Service-The Need For Dispatch
A recent unpublished decision from the First Circuit Court of Appeals in New England …

Injury Attorney-Police Abuse

Injury Attorney-Police Abuse
The Washington Post on December 30, 2012 published an editorial dealing with an incident at the University of Maryland.   On March 3, 2010 after Maryland’s basketball victory over Duke there were prolonged and rowdy street demonstrations in College Park, MD.  The Prince George’s County Police Department was called …

Medical Malpractice and Cancer

Brien RocheMedical Malpractice and Cancer
Where cancer is involved most patients are inclined to opt for any and all available treatment that even has a remote chance of helping their condition.  Dr. …

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