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Arbitration Clauses May Not be Enforceable

Brien RocheArbitration clauses may not be enforceable in consumer contracts. That has become the subject of some controversy.  The purpose of the arbitration clause is to force the …

Diet Is The Key

Brien RocheWe are what we eat. That statement has always been true but is probably more compelling now than it has been in the past due to the variety of …

Fairfax County Deck Collapses
Brien Roche

Outdoor decks have become a common fixture on many residential dwellings.  Sometimes the decks are built as part of new construction and sometimes they are built as afterthoughts by …

Legal History

Brien Roche
Freedom Calls
Freedom calls for Frederick Douglass. Douglas began his quest for freedom on a train that pulled out of Baltimore, Maryland. He jumped onboard a rail car designated for …

Maintaining Balance
Brien Roche

Maintaining balance is in large measure controlled by your vestibular system. The vestibular system is that portion of the inner ear that coordinates information from various parts of the …

Bus Accident Cases

Brien Roche
Bus safety standards may be in for some changes as a result of a recent spate of bus accidents.  Accident Lawyer Brien Roche reports as of April 1, 2011, there …

Preventing Medical Malpractice
Brien Roche

The team approach in medicine may well be on the horizon.  In a December 2, 2012 article in The Washington Post a young physician reported on the team approach within …


Brien Roche
Orthopedists are frequent players in personal injury claims. 
Orthopaedic surgery or the general field of orthopaedics deals with injuries to the skeletal system and to the muscular system. 
In any serious muscular or skeletal …

Ophthalmological Medical Malpractice

Brien RocheEye surgery is becoming more and more prevalent in particular as the population ages.  There are several conditions that may necessitate eye surgery.
Cataracts are a result of the clumping of …

Drug Injuries

Brien Roche
Tainted Steroids Cause Drug Injuries
Tainted steroids from a compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts have infected potentially hundreds of pain medicine patients. The particular drug that was contaminated is methyl-prednisolone acetate.  This is …

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