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In handling a variety of claims over the years, I have found that there is a common thread of legal questions that many clients ask during the course of handling a case for them. What follows is a statement of those common questions and my response to those questions.

  1. What is Civil Litigation?
  2. Is My Case Worth Pursuing?
  3. What Are The Chances Of My Case Settling?
  4. Is a Lawsuit Required to Pursue a Claim?
  5. How Does a Lawsuit Work?
  6. Which Insurance Coverage Can Be Recovered in a Claim?
  7. How To Sue for Malpractice?
  8. Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?
  9. How Long After an Accident Can You File a Claim?
  10. How to do a Background Check on a Doctor?
  11. Are There Medical Malpractice Caps On Recovery Amounts?
  12. What is Mandatory Arbitration?
  13. What is a Tort?
  14. Where Do Laws Come From?
  15. How a Does Civil Case Differ from a Criminal Case?
  16. What Should I Expect If I am Called for Jury Duty?
  17. What Can I Expect If I am Called as a Witness?
  18. What is a Contract?
  19. What is the Difference Between Professional Liability and General Liability?
  20. What Is Contributory Negligence?
  21. What is Product Liability?
  22. What is Sovereign Immunity?
  23. What Are Compensatory Damages?
  24. What is an Intentional Tort?
  25. Do Divorce Laws Differ by State?
  26. What Are My Rights as a Tenant?
  27. Do I Need a Real Estate Lawyer to Buy a House?
  28. What Are the Different Types of Business Ownership?
  29. What Are My Rights If I am Injured on the Job?
  30. What Kind of Insurance Do I Need?
  31. What is a Lien?
  32. What Should I Consider Before Signing a Contract?
  33. Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney for My Legal Problem?
  34. How Do I Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer?
  35. What is the Role of a Judge in a Trial?
  36. What is the Role of a Jury?
  37. Why Are Juries Important?
  38. Can a Judge Overturn a Jury Verdict?
  39. What is a Contingency Fee?
  40. Can I Fire My Attorney?
  41. In Contracts Should I Agree To A Waiver Of A Jury Trial?