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Injury to the brain can come from vehicular accidents, falls, industrial accidents, physical assaults, hypoxia, sports injuries or a host of other potential causes.  Most brain injury cases involve what is called a “closed head injury” meaning that there is not an open wound to the skull.   A common diagnosis following a brain injury is post-concussion syndrome.  Brain injuries are frequently classified as either being mild, moderate or severe.  Most neurologists would agree that a moderate brain injury involves damage to the neurons within the brain which can cause a host of symptoms.

A head injury can have life long consequences. If you or a loved one have suffered such an injury you need aggresive and skilled representation. That attorney must be able to recognize the symptoms of brain injury and be able to identify the scope of the injury. Those are partricular characteristics that distinguish a skilled brain injury attorney from one who handles these cases on an occasional basis.

Symptoms of Injury to the Brain

As an aggressive advocate for a brain injured client one of the most difficult things to do is fully comprehending the scope of the client’s injury.There are a multitude of symptoms and signs that can be associated with brain injury but they include such things as dizziness, short-term memory loss, blurred vision, impaired judgment, lack of attention, seizure disorder, inability to perform executive functions, changes in personality, depressed mood or tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

The brain itself is a composite of neurons which are small cells that may be very short in size or may be extremely long.  Some nerve cells or neurons extend from the lower back all the way down to the feet.  As such a single neuron can be millimeters or it can be many feet long.  Any injury to one or more of those neurons can impact the ability of the brain to function.

The brain itself is surrounded by cerebral spinal fluid which acts as a cushion to protect it from injury.  The cerebral spinal fluid is also a conductor of electrical impulses.  The brain as a soft, gelatinous material contained within the skull can be easily damaged by any sudden motion.  A blow to the head that causes the head to move in one direction, may result in the brain not moving as quickly as the skull and as a result the brain is in effect slapping up against the interior walls of the skull.  Some of those interior walls are ridged and those ridges can produce significant injuries to the brain as the brain impacts against those components of the skull.

Identifying the Brain Injury

Although a loss of consciousness may be associated with a brain injury, not all people who suffer a significant brain injury have a loss of consciousness.

All too often radiological studies that are undertaken of those who are suspected of a brain injury come back negative.  The reason for that is that the various types of scans and images that can be taken have only limited ability to truly view the injured parts of the brain.  If the injury is a type that is producing what is called “a mass effect”, then that will be visible on a scan or image.  A mass effect is where a part of the brain has been so damaged that the overall mass structures of the brain are out of their normal alignment.  The various types of scans and images that can be undertaken are CT scans, MRIs, PET scans, functional MRIs and Tesla MRIs.  All of those types of tests may be able to show brain injury but the fact that they do not show any specific injury does not mean that the patient has not suffered a brain injury.  In addition neuropsychological testing is frequently used to confirm brain dysfunction.  Neuropsychological testing is not going to visualize the actual injury but it can help the professional identify what part of the brain has been damaged.

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If you or a loved one has experienced a brain injury, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Brien Roche is an experienced and capable attorney who will fight aggressively for your rights. For more case results that Brien Roche has handled, see our Verdicts and Settlements and Reported Cases. All case results are specific to the facts of that case and no conclusion can be drawn as to how your case may turn out based upon the results of another case.

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For additional information review the traumatic brain injury pages on Wikipedia.

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