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Any spinal cord injury can be life altering.  The spinal cord is that part of the neurological system that controls most muscular function.  The muscles move as a result of nerve impulses.  Many of those nerve impulses come from the brain. They pass through the spinal cord to various parts of the body. It is the brain and the spinal cord that make up the central nervous system.

Injuries to the spinal cord can be either complete or incomplete.  A complete injury means that there is no movement or sensation below that point of injury.  An incomplete injury means that there is some function below that level.

Spinal Cord Injury Experts

Spinal cord injuries can involve a host of different medical specialists.  The neurosurgeon will decide if surgery is necessary. A neurologist is a non-surgical doctor who deals with the problems post-surgery or in lieu of surgery.

In some cases an orthopaedic doctor may be involved. The spinal cord is encased within the spinal column. This is a series of interlocking bones. They are designed to protect the spinal cord from injury.  Many spinal cord injuries involve some bony injury.

Where a lawsuit is expected there may be a need for a host of other expert witnesses. A life care planner, in some cases a doctor, can project out what is the cost of future care. In addition an economist may be a needed to project out what the future loss of income is or present value of future care.

These witnesses may depend on each other.  However the most important of these experts is the doctor. The doctor will express an opinion as to the extent of disability.   Based upon that the life care planner can then project out certain costs.  Also it is also based upon that disability that the economist premises opinions.

You must recognize this interdependence. In addition you need to recognize the priority of the doctors in laying the foundation for other experts.

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Also for more info on spinal cord injury see the other pages on this site and contact Brien Roche. Also see also the pages on spinal cord damage on Wikipedia.

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