Wrongful Death of A Child

Fairfax Injury Lawyer Brien Roche Addresses Wrongful Death Of A Child

Brien Roche

The wrongful death of a child is contrary to the natural order of things, it defies understanding.  We are supposed to outlive our children, not vice versa. 

Wrongful Death Of A Child Requires Developing The Case

In developing the extent of loss in a child death case it is important to:

  • Gather all the health records from birth of the child.
  • Gather all school records and employment records, if any.
  • Put together whatever documentation exists as to the child’s activities.  
  • Gather photographs and videos of the child.
  • Put together vignettes of the child that will provide powerful images of what the child was like.  Spend time with the family and get an understanding of what the extent of the loss is.  These vignettes may be humorous.  A mother’s tears when she looks at her son’s little league uniform may be a reminder of the time when her son ran the wrong way on the base path-in retrospect both a humorous episode and a tearful episode.

Wrongful Death Of An Adult Child

The death of an adult child may not be as compelling as that of the death of a younger child but the loss to the parent may be every bit as compelling.  The parent has lost  not only a child but also a friend. 

The defense may argue that the death of an infant is worth less than that of an older child.  Describe the parent’s plans for the child, their excitement at birth, photos of the pregnancy, pictures of the baby shower and even the baby announcement.  All of those are powerful visual images.

Wrongful Death Of A Child Requires Assistance of a Wrongful Death Attorney

If you have suffered the loss of a child contact us. Brien Roche wants to help and can with over three decades of wrongful death experience in the Northern Virginia and D.C. area. 

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Wrongful Death of A Child

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