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Personal Injury Anatomy-Nervous System

This posting is an overview of the nervous system. The source of the info is a course offered by The Teaching Company and presented by Dr. Anthony Goodman. The course is “Understanding The Human Body:An Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology”. … Continue reading

Personal Injury Anatomy-Cardiovascular System

Personal injury anatomy cardiovascular system is one of several postings dealing with human anatomy and physiology for injury lawyers and plaintiffs. In order to grasp your injury case you must know the basics of anatomy. These postings are designed to … Continue reading

The Logic of the Contingent Fee System in Injury Cases

As is true with many things dealing with trial lawyers, there is a great deal of back and forth about the contingent fee system. This fee system is used mostly in injury claims. The contingent fee is exactly that i.e., … Continue reading

Overcoming Jury Bias

Overcoming jury bias is a problem that every trial lawyer confronts.  Jury bias doesn’t mean that the members of the jury don’t like the plaintiff. What it does mean is that every human being brings to the courtroom their own biases … Continue reading

Rear-end Accidents

Rear-End Accidents From The Virginia Supreme Court There are a number of reported rear-end accident cases from the Virginia Supreme Court. In one case a flat bed truck was parked in one lane of an undivided highway. The plaintiff rounded … Continue reading

Handling Fire Cases

Handling Fire Cases Involving Cigarettes Many household fires are caused by cigarettes. Everybody knows that cigarettes burn. Also that cigarettes can cause fires.  There is data that indicates that makers of this product can and should produce cigarettes that are … Continue reading

Filing Suit in Federal Court

Filing suit in US District Court, also known as federal court, requires that the court have what is called subject matter jurisdiction. This is based on either diversity of citizenship or what is called a federal question. The former means … Continue reading

Arbitration Clauses May Not be Enforceable

Arbitration clauses are quite the rage these days.  There is a question as to whether either party can enforce them.  In contracts between people of equal standing they likely can be enforced by either party.  However with contracts between people … Continue reading

Diet Is The Key

We are what we eat. That statement has always been true. It is more pressing now than it has been in the past due to the amount of junk food on the market. Diet Is The Key As Is The … Continue reading

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