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Handling Fire Cases

Cigarette Fires Cigarette fire cases involve interesting issues of product liability law. Many household fires are caused by cigarettes according to injury attorney Brien Roche.  Everybody knows that cigarettes burn and that cigarettes can cause fires.  There is however established … Continue reading

Highway Defect Cases

Roadway Drop-off Cases Roadway drop off injuries arise in those instances where a vehicle leaves the travel portion of the roadway onto a sunken shoulder and the driver then attempts to reenter the roadway by pulling the front wheels at … Continue reading

Filing Suit in Federal Court

Filing suit in federal court requires first an analysis of whether that court has what is called subject matter jurisdiction.Subject matter jurisdiction in federal court is based on either diversity of citizenship or what is called a federal question. Diversity … Continue reading

Arbitration Clauses May Not be Enforceable

Arbitration clauses may not be enforceable in consumer contracts. That has become the subject of some controversy.  The purpose of the arbitration clause is to force the consumer, and in many instances employees, into arbitration as opposed to filing suit … Continue reading

Diet Is The Key

We are what we eat. That statement has always been true but is probably more compelling now than it has been in the past due to the variety of junk food now available. Diet Is The Key and Control of … Continue reading

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