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Cross-Examining Defense Medical Experts

Cross-Examination of Defense Doctor The cross-examination of the defense doctor who did the defense exam or is appearing for the defense should address several issues. If standard of care is an issue then see the page dealing with that. Also … Continue reading

Neuropsychological Exams

These exams must be done by a neuropsychologist who is a licensed clinical psychologist i.e. a health care provider. Rule 4:10 requires such. The exams are a number of tests. They may be given orally by the examiner. Some are … Continue reading

Cross Examining Brain Injury Experts

Brain injury experts may be either neurologists, neurosurgeons or neuropsychologists.  The proposed cross examination below is designed for the first two. Cross of a neuropsychologist must be further refined to avoid the chance of the witness giving opinions on cause … Continue reading

Vicarious Liability

The concepts of vicarious liability and scope of employment are related.  However they are not identical.  If one is within the scope of employment then there will be vicarious liability.  Vicarious liability however does not always involve scope of employment … Continue reading

Successor Liability

Successor liability claims are based upon a successor having assumed liability either expressly or through conduct.  An express assumption of liability is just that. A party says it is assuming liability.  An implied assumption of liability is in most cases … Continue reading

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