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Gas Explosions

  In 2016 there was a deadly gas explosion in Silver Spring, MD. That explosion injured more than 30 and displaced more than 100.  Gas Explosions Preventable More than 10 years ago the Washington Gas Co. had promised to replace … Continue reading

Negligence Per Se Claims

Negligence per se claims are interesting. Negligence per se is not a cause of action as defined in Rule 1:6.  It may not even be a theory of recovery.  Negligence per se is simply negligence wherein the prohibited conduct is … Continue reading

Accidental Gun Discharges

Accidental gun discharges are all too common.  On Christmas Day 2020 a 17 year-old boy was shot and killed.  A teenage relative was handling a gun at home in Indian Head, MD.  The shooting was on Mattingly Avenue at 6:45 … Continue reading

Falling Trees

Falling trees may be a hazard anywhere.  They become a particular hazard if they fall onto a roadway or onto a home.   Falling Trees-Va. Supreme Court The Virginia Supreme Court has addressed the issue of whether a landowner is liable … Continue reading

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