Monthly Archives: April 2021

Personal Injury Surveillance

Surveillance in personal injury cases is not quite as common as it used to be.  It still is used by insurance carriers.  It’s a very dangerous defense tactic.  It is fraught with deception.  For instance videos and/or pictures may be … Continue reading

Personal Injury Jurisdiction

The U.S. Supreme Court established the concept of modern personal jurisdiction in International Shoe.  Over the last several years the court has shifted gears on what are referred to as “general” and “specific jurisdiction”  General jurisdiction means that a court may … Continue reading

Eggshell Head Plaintiff

The concept of an eggshell head plaintiff is known to most attorneys.  It refers to a client who was injured who has pre-existing sensitivities.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that the person has a so-called “pre-existing condition”.  It means that the … Continue reading

Construction Accident-Wrongful Death

On February 17, 2021 at approximately 7:30 p.m. a construction worker fell to his death.  The fatality occurred in the 1700 block of T Street, NW, Washington, DC.  The worker fell from the rooftop of a building near Dupont Circle.  … Continue reading

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