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Economic Testimony

Frequently in an injury case or death case, economic testimony is necessary.  That testimony may come from a CPA.  It may come from an economist. There are several ways to approach their calculations.   Economic Testimony – Factors The first issue … Continue reading

Expert Witness Financial Data

Getting financial data on an expert witness to show a substantial relationship with a party is important.  That substantial relationship may be with an insurance carrier.  It may be with the opposing attorney.  Also it may be with a party … Continue reading

Testimony of Treating Doctors

Calling a plaintiff’s treating physician as a witness can be a problem.  Under Virginia Code § 8.01-399 the doctor may be limited to testifying to what is in the treatment record.  If the treating doctor is called by the plaintiff, … Continue reading

John Doe Actions

John Doe actions in Virginia are normally limited to uninsured motorist (UM) cases.  That is, if the at-fault motorist does not stop at the scene and therefore is not identified, then your suit may be against John Doe.  Service should … Continue reading

Reasonableness of Medical Bills

In a Virginia personal injury action, there may arise issues of the reasonableness of medical bills.  Sometimes what the defense will do is to challenge reasonableness on the grounds that the bills are too high.  That challenge may have some … Continue reading

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