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Malpractice from Vaccine Injuries

Malpractice-Vaccine Injuries and Federal Law Vaccine injury claims due to government mandated vaccines can result in financial rewards to victims or their families. The government has established an inexpensive and efficient mechanism for keeping children safe from a number of different … Continue reading

Malpractice-Drug Injury

Drug Injuries From Off-Label Use Off-label use is a use other than what the manufacturer has stated in writing is the intended use of a drug.  For instance a drug may have been approved for one use by the FDA. … Continue reading

Personal Injury-Premises Liability

Premises liability claims generally require proof that the owner/manager knew of a defect in the premises, failed to cure it and that caused the injury. That proof comes through investigation and discovery of the case. Human factors may be a … Continue reading

Personal Injury-Burns

There are a number of causes or scenarios of burn injuries.  The most common is household fires. A handy fire extinquisher or water source can help control the extent of injury.    That is to say you should probably have … Continue reading

Personal Injury-Product Liability

Product liability claims arise where a person contends that a particular product is defective in some way and that defect has produced injury. Product liability claims can be complex, not just because they involve a mix of personal injury law … Continue reading

Personal Injury-Construction Sites

Owners and employers have a duty to keep the work site safe.  In most cases in Virginia a worker injured on a construction site cannot sue another party on that site.  However there are cases where that is not true. … Continue reading

Personal Injury to Minors

Injuries to minors many times involve what is called an “attractive nuisance”. You have all probably heard the term. It is a concept that is followed in many states. An attractive nuisance is an object which by its place and … Continue reading

Electrical Injury

Some products or defects are more likely to lead to electrical injury than others: Electrical products designed to be used around water. Water and electric current are widely known to not mix well. Products that are designed for use with or … Continue reading

Personal Injury Actions

In choosing a personal injury attorney either in the Fairfax, Virginia area or anywhere there are several factors that you should look at: What the attorney has done.  The more complex your claim is then the more skilled you would … Continue reading

Malpractice Cases

What is Medical Malpractice? It is substandard care by a health care provider that injures a patient. In a malpractice action the patient must prove what is the standard of care. In addition the patient must prove a breach of … Continue reading

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