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Obstetric Medical Malpractice

Obstetric medical malpractice is most often seen in birth injuries . Brachial plexus and cerebral palsy are common outcomes. Also it is seen in other area of decision making. Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Vaginal birth after cesarean is on the … Continue reading

Statute of Limitations In Medical Malpractice Cases

In a medical malpractice case what is the statute of limitations is typically the first question that any attorney is going to ask in reviewing a case. Statute of Limitations In Medical Malpractice Cases Must Be Addressed Early In general … Continue reading

How Do I Find a Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

How do I find a medical malpractice lawyer is a difficult question to answer. Probably the best place to start is with friends and family. In particular if they have previously retained a malpractice lawyer in the locale where you are. … Continue reading

Injection Caused Injury

Injection Caused Injury-Injection Too High Injections can cause injury. This is sometimes the explanation for shoulder symptoms. What can happen with an injection caused injury is that the needle containing the vaccine is injected too high in the shoulder.  It … Continue reading


Stroke: Ischemic or Hemorrhagic Stroke is the fourth leading cause of adult death in the U.S. By 2030 nearly one in every 25 adults will suffer a stroke. Most strokes can be grouped as either a bleed or a blockage. … Continue reading

Chiropractic Malpractice

Although chiropractic malpractice may come in many forms, one of the more serious forms arises from a treatment called “cracking the neck”.  This neck movement involves a sharp movement of the neck. Chiropractic Malpractice Through Cracking The Neck Some patients … Continue reading

Lyme Disease

Medical Malpractice-Lyme Disease Lyme disease can be crippling. Lyme disease is typically contracted from deer ticks.  The tick bite produces a painless red circle surrounding the bite.  That circle appears shortly after being infected.  This is called a bull’s-eye rash.  … Continue reading

Heart Disease

Heart disease is an ailment that afflicts millions. Doctors have the tools to deal with patients who are at high risk for heart disease.  There are a lot of people who are in that broad middle group of either being neither … Continue reading

Private Healthcare Providers Discussed By Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Cost Effectiveness of Private Healthcare Providers The days of individual physicians, groups of physicians or other private healthcare providers treating patients through what traditionally has been known as private practice may well being coming to a close. With increasing emphasis … Continue reading

Healthcare Finance

The field of healthcare finance is becoming an attractive domain for some very big players.  Companies such as General Electric and other big finance companies have found they can make money by stepping into the somewhat murky world of healthcare … Continue reading

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