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Tort Law and Health Care

Within the general field of health care there is a good deal of discussion of tort law because tort actions comprise what are more commonly known as medical malpractice or medical negligence actions.  In medical malpractice or medical negligence suit is premised upon … Continue reading

Surgery Center Negligence

Surgery center negligence has become a big issue since the death of Joan Rivers. Joan Rivers, the famous comedian, passed away during the course of a routine procedure.  The procedure was performed in a surgery center operated by her GI … Continue reading

Unnecessary Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery has become the bread and butter of many orthopaedic surgeons.  Many of these surgeries are simply unnecessary.  Hip pain, where there is no arthritis, typically is a clue to the fact that impending hip replacement surgery may … Continue reading


Colonoscopy A Washington Post article of December 24, 2013 addresses the issue of colonoscopy and how effective they are.  The evidence is fairly clear that they are highly effective in preventing colorectal cancer.  Colorectal cancer is the second deadliest type of cancer. … Continue reading

Chiropractic Malpractice

Although chiropractic malpractice may come in many forms, one of the more serious forms arises from a treatment called “cracking the neck”.  This neck movement involves a sharp movement of the neck. Chiropractic Malpractice Through Cracking The Neck Some patients … Continue reading

Lyme Disease

Medical Malpractice-Lyme Disease Lyme disease can be crippling. Lyme disease is typically contracted from deer ticks.  The tick bite produces a painless red circle surrounding the bite.  That circle appears shortly after being infected.  This is called a bull’s-eye rash.  … Continue reading

Heart Disease

Heart disease is an ailment that afflicts millions. Doctors have the tools to deal with patients who are at high risk for heart disease.  There are a lot of people who are in that broad middle group of either being neither … Continue reading

Private Healthcare Providers Discussed By Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Cost Effectiveness of Private Healthcare Providers The days of individual physicians, groups of physicians or other private healthcare providers treating patients through what traditionally has been known as private practice may well being coming to a close. With increasing emphasis … Continue reading

Healthcare Finance

The field of healthcare finance is becoming an attractive domain for some very big players.  Companies such as General Electric and other big finance companies have found they can make money by stepping into the somewhat murky world of healthcare … Continue reading

Prostate Surgery Medical Malpractice

Prostate Surgery Medical Malpractice Prostate problems in many men are inevitable but in others they are avoidable through proper diet and exercise.  The nature of the problems that may arise consist of an inflamed prostate, enlarged prostate, prostate cancer and … Continue reading

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