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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries May Require Expert Testimony It is well accepted in most jurisdictions that sports injuries are part of the risk of participation. That assumption of risk however, may not bar an injury claim where there is some reckless disregard … Continue reading

Marital Torts

Marital Torts and Divorce Marital torts are most often intentional torts producing either physical harm, psychological harm, or emotional harm. In determining whether to pursue such a claim as a civil action one of the first problems is whether to … Continue reading

Facial Disfigurement

Facial Disfigurement Can Have A Host Of Repercussions Facial disfigurement claims are frequently under evaluated because they are looked at only from the point of view of the disfigurement itself and not the impact that it may have upon earning capacity.  The … Continue reading

Personal Injury Lawyer Explains Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Law Is Also Known As Tort Law A tort is a civil wrong that is not based upon a contract. An example may help clarify that definition. If I punch you in the nose because you say some … Continue reading

Pre-Injury Releases Invalidated

Pre injury releases took another hit in the 2010 decision from the Iowa Supreme Court of Galloway v. State found at 790 N.W.2d 252.  In that decision the State Supreme Court joined what it described as a majority of states which … Continue reading

Air Crashes and Near Air Crashes

Air crashes and near air crashes have caused the National Transporation Safety Board to take a closer look at close calls in the skies. In January of 2011 an American Airlines jumbo jet carrying 259 people was involved in a near … Continue reading

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Is Often Seen With Brain Injury From Trauma Post-traumatic stress disorder is defined in the DSM of  Mental Disorders. It is a complex, varying psychological and biological response. The response is to an acute stressor, … Continue reading

Human Factors May Explain Personal Injury Cases

Human factors is a field that applies knowledge of perception, cognition and response to product design and human behavior. Perception, cognition and response are in large measure governed by our ability to see. Therefore it is important to understand the … Continue reading

Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bites and animal bites produce a host of severe injuries. For instance, emotional injury, infections, painful cuts and scarring. If you have been bitten, call us for a free consultation with an experienced injury attorney. Local laws govern dog … Continue reading

Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Traumatic brain injury is frequently associated with vehicular accidents. But traumatic brain injury can also result from falls, industrial accidents, sports injuries, physical assaults or hypoxia. Doctors typically describe these types of injuries as consistent with a closed head injury … Continue reading

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