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Personal Injury and Bankruptcy

Personal-Injury-Bankruptcy:  Two terms that most people think have nothing to do with each other.  In fact they do.  An injured party who has filed bankruptcy may not own that injury claim.   That injured party must report that injury claim … Continue reading

Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment

Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment Traumatic Brain Injury treatment typically has been fairly simple: rest.  Lots of rest is thought to give the brain an opportunity to heal. Although rest may well be a significant component of any treatment mode, there is … Continue reading

Measuring Pain

Measuring pain is difficult to say the least.  Pain and suffering claims comprise a large percent of personal injury actions.  A large part of the plaintiff’s loss is the pain and suffering. The question is how does one go about … Continue reading

Federal Tort Claims Cases

Federal tort claims cases are based on a limited waiver of immunity by the federal government. The waiver applies to negligence actions brought against a US employee acting in the scope of employment. The individual employees are not liable. The … Continue reading

Medical Records Technology

Medical records technology is changing the practice of medicine. It is also changing the doctor patient relation. In the past when patients asked for a copy of their records they were looked at askance. Today many in the healthcare field … Continue reading

Lost Profit Claims

Lost profit claims can be challenging in terms of proof. These types of claims arise most often when the plaintiff is either a small business person or is self-employed. A good example would be a real estate agent. These agents … Continue reading

Corporate Officer Liability

Corporate officer liability may be a basis for casting a bigger net.  By casting a bigger net I mean trying to better protect an injured plaintiff from the misdeeds of others.  An entity, whether it be a corporation, an LLC or a … Continue reading

Injury Claim Mistakes

Some common mistakes in injury claims: There are many elements to a personal injury case.  There likewise are countless ways that a truly injured person can harm his or her own case.  This harm may come through mistake or it … Continue reading

Medicare Liens

A common delay for many injury settlements are Medicare liens. Medicare has a right to be paid back for their payment of any bills related to your injury case. Medicare liens may apply to any payment that you get. The … Continue reading

Tort Duty

The issue of tort duty or duty in tort was recently taken up by the Virginia Supreme Court.  The case is RGR v. Settle decided on October 31, 2014.  Mr. Settle was the operator of a truck that was driving on … Continue reading

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