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Proving Damages

Proving damages can always be a challenge on behalf of an injured person. ┬áMost people sitting on a jury who are asked to award damages to an injured party are being put in that situation for the first time. Most … Continue reading

Medical Malpractice Surgery

Surgical skill is a function of how often a surgeon has done the procedure.  The Whipple procedure is a tough one. It is a pancreatic cancer operation.  It may the toughest one for a surgeon.  What is involved is removing … Continue reading

Personal Injury Experts

In personal injury cases it’s quite common that attorneys use an expert witness.  They may be used either by the plaintiff or the party being sued.  An expert witness is a witness who either by reason of education, training or … Continue reading

Personal Injury – Social Media

Social media is a game changer in regards to personal injury claims.  That applies to both sides. For instance a defense expert posts on a Facebook page that he would never testify on behalf of a plaintiff. He goes on to … Continue reading

Personal Injury and Bankruptcy

Personal-Injury-Bankruptcy:  Two terms that most people think have nothing to do with each other.  In fact they do.  An injured party who has filed bankruptcy may not own that injury claim.   That injured party must report that injury claim … Continue reading

Measuring Pain

Measuring pain is difficult to say the least.  Pain and suffering claims comprise a large percent of personal injury actions.  A large part of the plaintiff’s loss is the pain and suffering. The question is how does one go about … Continue reading

Medical Records Technology

Medical records technology is changing the practice of medicine. It is also changing the doctor patient relation. In the past when patients asked for a copy of their records they were looked at askance. Today many in the healthcare field … Continue reading

Lost Profit Claims

Lost profit claims can be challenging in terms of proof. These types of claims arise most often when the plaintiff is either a small business person or is self-employed. A good example would be a real estate agent. These agents … Continue reading

Corporate Officer Liability

Corporate officer liability may be a basis for casting a bigger net.  By casting a bigger net I mean trying to better protect an injured plaintiff from the misdeeds of others.  An entity, whether it be a corporation, an LLC … Continue reading

Medicare Liens

Medicare Liens Are Not Really Liens People who are over 65 may be entitled to Medicare.  Likewise other people who are not over 65 may be receiving Medicare as part of Social Security Disability benefits.  Whatever money Medicare pays out, … Continue reading

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