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How Do I Find A Legal Malpractice Lawyer?

How do I find a legal malpractice lawyer? It may well be the easiest way is to check with friends or relatives to see if they have ever used a lawyer for pursuing a legal malpractice case. If they have … Continue reading

In A Legal Malpractice Case What Damages Are Recoverable

In A Legal Malpractice Case What Damages Are Recoverable May Define The Merits Of The Case In a legal malpractice case what damages are recoverable frequently govern whether the claim is worth pursuing. Many attorneys reviewing a legal malpractice case … Continue reading

What Does Standard Of Care Mean In A Legal Malpractice Case

What does standard of care mean in a legal malpractice case? The short answer is that “it depends”. It depends on the nature of the case and it depends on the particular activity within that case. What Does Standard Of … Continue reading

What is Legal Malpractice?

Legal malpractice or attorney malpractice consists of actions or omissions on the part of an attorney that qualify as substandard or subpar behavior by that attorney which results in injury or loss to the client. That definition is a bit … Continue reading

Who Is Watching The Camp Counselor?

Child Abuse In Camps In this age of summer camps of all types ranging from sports camps to computer camps to mathematics camps it is important to know who is the camp counselor who is  going to be dealing with your … Continue reading

Immigration Malpractice May Be On The Rise

Legal malpractice in immigration issues may be on the rise. A U. S. Supreme Court decision stating that non-citizens in criminal cases must be advised of possible consequences of a conviction has raised some alarms in the legal community.  In the … Continue reading

Real Estate Malpractice is Taking On A New Face

Real Estate Malpractice-Role Of The Agent Real estate malpractice i.e., malpractice by a real estate agent is a form of professional malpractice. The claims bear some relationship to a legal malpractice or medical malpractice case in that typically the plaintiff … Continue reading

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