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Gallbladder Surgery Negligence

Gallbladder surgery negligence can be seen in the cutting of the common bile or common hepatic ducts. The underlying problem that necessitates surgery is the presence of gallstones. This may dictate the surgical removal of the gallbladder.  This procedure is known as a cholecystectomy.

Gallbladder Surgery Malpractice

Role of Gallbladder

The gallbladder collects and concentrate bile. Bile is used to aid in digestion of fatty tissue.  Bile is dispatched by the gallbladder into the small intestines by way of the biliary ducts.

The presence of gallstones in the gallbladder can be life threatening. Also the stones may block the ducts.  As a result this blocks the flow of bile.  If the bile build up in the bloodstream the patient becomes yellow or jaundiced.  A prolonged blockage of any of the biliary ducts can damage the gallbladder, liver or pancreas.

The  only true cure for gallstones is to remove the gallbladder itself.  The gallbladder is not an organ that is necessary for continued existence.

Gallbladder Surgery Can Be Complex

A rule of surgery is that no anatomic structure is to be clipped or cut until the surgeon has clearly identified the structure.  Also a cardinal sin in biliary tract surgery is injury to the common bile duct.

Although the surgery in question is not lengthy it can be complex.  As a result lack of experience can produce some very bad results. Call or contact us for more info.

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