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Brien Roche

Orthopedic doctors are frequent players in personal injury claims. 
Bone or Muscle Injuries
Orthopedic surgery or the general field of orthopedics deals with injuries to the bony system and to the muscles.
In any serious …

Ophthalmological Medical Malpractice

Brien Roche
Eye Surgery
Eye surgery is becoming more and more common as our population ages. As a result ophthalmological medical malpractice in eye surgery is more common. There are several things that …

Drug Injuries

Brien Roche
Tainted Steroids Cause Drug Injuries
Tainted steroids from a compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts have infected potentially hundreds of pain medicine patients. The particular drug that was contaminated is methyl-prednisolone acetate.  This is …

Obstetric Medical Malpractice
Brien Roche

Obstetric medical malpractice is most often seen in birth injuries . Brachial plexus and cerebral palsy are common outcomes. Also it is seen in other area of decision making.
Vaginal …

Birth Injuries
Brien Roche

Birth injury is seen in a number of forms and in some cases may be the result of medical malpractice by the doctor.
Cerebral Palsy
Cerebral palsy has been thought to be a product …

Product Liability Claims Around The Home

Brien Roche
Product Liability Claims Around the Home-Burn Injuries
Burn injuries around the home are a common phenomenon.  The products that may be the source of the burn are varied:

Specific Product Liability Cases

Brien Roche
Machine Entrapment
Machine entrapment cases are considerably less common today than they were years ago principally because of guarding techniques that have been employed by manufacturers and the success of product …

Product Liability Generally

Brien Roche
Product Defects and Federal Preemption
The Preemption Doctrine states essentially that where the federal government has passed legislation and has intended to, so to speak, occupy that particular field then the 50 …

Product Liability and Auto Injury

Brien Roche
Product Defects in Autos
Rollover injuries continue to be a problem with many vehicles The doctrine of crashworthiness is a component of product liability law which  was developed many years …


Brien Roche
Infections Can Be Good
In 1989 17,414 British school children were studied by an epidemiologist and he concluded from them that those who had grown up with more siblings and, thereby presumably more germs, …

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