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Wrongful Death-Pedestrian Injury

Wrongful Death Pedestrian Injury Manassas On May 6, 2020 at approximately 5:00 a.m. near Balls Ford and Sudley Roads in Manassas, a pedestrian was struck and killed.  There were two vehicles involved.  The first striking vehicle left the scene.  There … Continue reading

Wrongful Death Crash

Wrongful Death Crash in Maryland On May 10, 2020 a 37 year-old man died from an auto crash.  This wrongful death crash occurred on Brandywine Road near Tower Road in Brandywine, MD.  The victim was Nicholas Howard Moore of Brandywine … Continue reading

Limousine Liability – Personal Injury

Limousines are always in demand during prom season. Also in demand for weekend trips to wine-growing areas. What many users of limos don’t know is that in large measure these large cars are not controlled by U.S. safety rules. The … Continue reading

Wrongful Death Damages

Preserving Survival Damages When Your Case Morphs Into a Wrongful Death Action Wrongful Death Damages Should Include Survival Damages If you’ve had a client who died during the course of your handling an injury claim then you know there are … Continue reading

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