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Gas Explosions

Fairfax Injury Lawyer Brien Roche Addresses Gas Explosions
Brien Roche

In 2016 there was a deadly gas explosion in Silver Spring, MD. That explosion injured more than 30 and displaced more than 100. 

Gas Explosions Preventable

More than 10 years ago the Washington Gas Co. had promised to replace all of its indoor mercury gas regulators. These regulators reduce the pressure of gas coming into a building. If that regulator leaks, then there is a vent pipe that is supposed to carry the gas outdoors. That way it does not build up indoors. These mercury service regulators are an alternative to the spring-loaded service regulators. There is some dispute as to which type of regulator is safer. In any event Washington Gas had promised to replace all of the mercury service regulators and indeed it had actually requested a rate increase in order to accomplish that. Unfortunately Washington Gas never delivered on its promise to replace these mercury service regulators.

Gas Explosions-Regulators

In regards to the 2016 explosion, the National Transportation Safety Board concluded that a failed gas regulator and disconnected vent line allowed gas to build up in this building in Silver Spring. As a result there was an explosion in the basement meter room. 

This explosion probably was avoidable.

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