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Are There Medical Malpractice Caps

Fairfax Injury Lawyer Brien Roche Addresses Are There Medical Malpractice Caps

Brien Roche

There are caps on the amount of money one can recover from a medical malpractice action in many states. They vary from one to another.

Are There Medical Malpractice Caps-Virginia

In the state of Virginia, there is currently a limit on recovery. That limit or “cap” is two million dollars as of 2011. That cap goes up each year. However as of 2011 it is fixed at that amount. The cap is an absolute limit. No more than the cap can be recovered by a single patient. It makes no difference how many defendants are sued. The cap was enacted years ago because of the medical malpractice crisis. It is supposed to keep down malpractice premiums for Virginia doctors. Medical malpractice lawyers in Virginia fought the cap. They fought it for many reasons. The cap deprives injured persons of a full recovery. In addition there never was a so-called crisis in Virginia.

Are There Medical Malpractice Caps-DC

In DC there is no such limit on damages. Doctors in DC are treated the same as any other citizen. They can be made to pay as much as any other citizen who commits a wrong. However within the District of Columbia there is now a requirement that notice be given to health care providers before suit is filed. The notice allows for the parties to discuss settlement before the suit proceeds.

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Are There Medical Malpractice Caps

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