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What is Sovereign Immunity?

Fairfax Injury Lawyer Brien Roche Addresses What Is Sovereign Immunity

Brien Roche

The logic of what is called sovereign immunity dates back to the days when we were ruled by kings. In those days the king could not be sued. The king could not be sued because the king was absolute. His power was superseded by no other human being within his kingdom.

Today we are no longer ruled by kings in this country. However the idea of the kingdom or the government being immune has continued. It continues based on the theory that to allow the government to be sued would be a waste of government resources. It would expose the government to large claims. These claims could be costly and time consuming. Spending time and money on these may not be in the interest of the general public.

As a result in many states some entities and employees are immune from tort suits either in whole or in part. The law on this subject differs very much from one state to another.

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What is Sovereign Immunity?

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