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What is the Role of a Jury?

Fairfax Injury Lawyer Brien Roche Addresses What Is The Role Of A Jury
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A jury may be chosen in those cases wherein there is some factual dispute. A factual dispute may be as simple as who ran the red light in an auto crash case. In a criminal case it may be whether the accused is the one who robbed the 7-Eleven store. An experienced personal injury attorney may have tried hundreds of jury cases.

What Is The Role Of A Jury-Deciding Facts Based on Evidence

Those questions are decided based upon the evidence. That evidence comes in the form of witnesses testifying. In addition it comes in the form of exhibits or objects being admitted. The jury then decides who ran the red light. Or who robbed the 7-Eleven store. Hence whatever decision they make is “fact”. However the judge decides the legal issues. These deal with whether the evidence will be presented to the jury.

In many jurisdictions the jury is not allowed to ask questions of the witnesses. However they can ask questions of the judge during the course of their deliberations. The judge with the input of the lawyers will attempt to answer.

What Is The Role Of a Jury-Learn More

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