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Osteopath Healthcare Providers

Fairfax Injury Lawyer Brien Roche Addresses Osteopath Healthcare Providers
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Osteopath Healthcare Providers

You may have seen the term  DO after a doctor’s name.  Some people get confused thinking that DO means Doctor of Optometry.  In fact DO means Doctor of Osteopathy. The initials for an Optometrist is O.D. Osteopath healthcare providers, are equal to medical doctors in most respects. 


Some people still maintain that the content of the education of osteopaths is not on a par with that of a medical doctor. However that is subject to dispute.

Schools of Osteopathy are graduate schools. They admit people who have a 4-year undergraduate degree. Also first year students in most cases have college courses in the basic sciences. This may consist of biology and chemistry. In addition the osteopaths receive generalized medical training. The same as a medical doctor does.

As of 2015 all osteopathic and MD programs are accredited by a single agency. Hence this means there are no differences in that regard. Their education should be the same. Call, or contact us for a free consult.

Filling Gaps

Many osteopaths after internships do tend to move into primary medicine.  In part that is due to the focus of the field of osteopathy.  In addition many highly specialized fields such as surgery and cardiology are run by medical doctors. As a result these doctors may be hesitant to allow osteopaths into those fields. Where osteopaths tend to be filling certain gaps is in the field of family doctors, pediatrics and as primary care providers.
However osteopathic graduates are increasingly being admitted to top tier residency programs. This is across all of the specialties

Focus On Musculoskeletal

Within the field of Osteopathy there is still a focus on musculoskeletal manipulations. Many osteopaths will engage in these types of movements. They are similar to chiropractic manipulations.

Call, or contact us for a free consult. For more information on healthcare providers see the other pages on this site and for more information on osteopaths see the pages on Wikipedia.


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