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Recreational Vehicle Accidents

Fairfax Injury Lawyer Brien Roche Addresses Recreational Vehicle Accidents
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Virginia is a great state for outdoor adventures and off-road excitement. It has both mountains and beaches. It is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. If you are one of the many residents or visitors that own a recreational vehicle, you can partake in all that this great state has to offer. With that said, there are some important things to consider to avoid recreational vehicle accidents.

Due to their very nature, RVs are dangerous. They must be handled with care. Failure to do so can lead to serious injuries and expenses that you may not have considered.

What is a Recreational Vehicle?

RVs are typically thought of as homes on wheels. They are any vehicle that you use primarily for recreational activities. The list of land-based RVs includes all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), motor homes and campers.

The most dangerous are ATVs. ATVs are dangerous due to the chance of flipping over during intense riding sessions. Along with ATVs, camper trailers pose a danger as well. Due to their large size and obstructed rear visibility camper trailers are prone to accidents.

Jet skis are not typically considered to be an RV but may fall into that broad class. They probably pose the most danger of the water-based RV’s. This is due to lack of enclosure and the unpredictability of the water’s surface. A lack of experience poses the biggest threat to safety. All water-based vehicles should be ridden in open bodies of water. You should allow space between riders and distance from swimmers. Call, or contact us for a free consult.

Types of Injuries from Recreational Vehicle Accidents

Injuries from recreational vehicle accidents can be serious, often times fatal. The two most common reasons for accidents are lack of experience in using the RV and equipment failure. Sometimes, the lack of experience can make equipment failure even worse. The most common RV accident injuries are broke bones, spinal injuries and amputation. If an RV causes any of these types of injury, after dealing with the injury itself, you must find out who is at fault.

Fault in Recreational Vehicle Accidents

Many parties may be at fault. If the accident was caused by an equipment failure, the manufacturer and retailer may be at fault. Where RV driver negligence caused the accident, then the driver may be at fault. If the accident involved both equipment failure and driver negligence, then the manufacturer, retailer and the driver may all be liable for the injuries caused. Figuring out who is at fault for your injuries will allow you to sue for damages to cover your medical bills as well as pain and suffering and lost income.

Seeking Legal Help

If you have suffered injuries caused by recreational vehicle accidents, do not hesitate to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. We can provide sound legal counsel to you during the litigation process.

Call, or contact us for a free consult. For more information on recreational vehicles see the pages on Wikipedia. Also see the pages on this website dealing with vehicle accidents.


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