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Bridges Cases Summarized By Accident Attorney

This page within Virginia Tort Case Law is a compilation of cases reported by the Virginia Supreme Court and summarized by Brien Roche dealing with the topic of Bridges and the related topic of vehicle accidents. Vehicle accidents involving bridges frequently entail some potential liability for the municipality that owns the bridge.  For more information on bridge issues see the page on Wikipedia.


1987 McGowan v. Lewis, 233 Va. 386, 355 S.E.2d 334.

Plaintiff approached one lane bridge first. She was struck by oncoming vehicle as she exited from bridge. Trial court granted defendant’s motion to strike because plaintiff had seen defendant’s truck before she entered bridge and could have stopped. This was error since jury could have concluded that plaintiff reasonably believed that she could get safely across bridge.

1975 Holloway v. Conner, 215 Va. 422, 211 S.E.2d 39.

Plaintiff-guest killed when defendant drove vehicle into bridge. No showing of gross negligence.

1970 Harris v. Harris, 211 Va. 459, 177 S.E.2d 534.

Mother injured when car driven by her son left highway and struck bridges abutment. In action against son, mother testified that proximate cause of accident was negligence of driver of another car which forced them off road. Her case can be no stronger nor rise any higher than her own positive, clear and unequivocal testimony permits.

1970 Sykes v. Langley Cabs, Inc., 211 Va. 202, 176 S.E.2d 417.

Plaintiff alighted from cab on bridge-pier on dark and stormy night, fell, and drowned. Degree of care of common carrier discussed. Error to strike plaintiff’s evidence.

1966 Carolina, C. & O.R.R. v. Mullins, 207 Va. 207, 148 S.E.2d 752.

Plaintiff’s personal and real property allegedly damaged by flooding caused when debris jammed against defendant’s trestle bridge, created dam, and flooded plaintiff’s house and land. Plaintiff failed to prove that trestle was negligently constructed as alleged in motion for judgment.

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Bridges Cases Summarized By Accident Attorney

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