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Professional liability claims tend to be hard fought because the professional person you are making the claim against frequently takes the claim personally. You need to take the claim personally and make sure you have tough, competent representation.

Malpractice lawyers come with a variety of specialties. Aside from medical malpractice and legal malpractice claims, there may be claims that exist against accountants, architects, clergy or other professional people. Typically, those types of claims require that an expert within that field testify that the offending professional has engaged in conduct that is substandard and that substandard behavior produced injury to you.

Keys to Successful Professional Liability Cases

In most professional liability cases it is necessary to present expert testimony from another professional knowledgeable in that area, who can testify as to what is the standard of care that the professional person should have complied with, how the standard of care was violated and then whether that caused damage to the Plaintiff.  These types of claims are never easy to prove and frequently are hard fought by the professional person.  Most professional people carry malpractice insurance coverage that protects them from liability.  This insurance coverage offers the professional person legal representation and indemnity for any claims asserted.

Professional liability claims tend to be hard fought since the professional person frequently takes the claim personally because a liability claim can impact the professionals reputation and can also affect their insurance rates if they lose the case.

Before embarking on a professional liability claim, the matter must be fully investigated, must be reviewed by another professional to determine if the standard of care has been violated and then any damages claimed must be fully assessed.

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With over 35 years trial experience and recoveries over $25,000,000.00 in compensation for our clients, Brien Roche is the tough, experienced Fairfax, Virginia lawyer you need to make your claim of professional malpractice. If you think that you have a basis for such a claim, contact us.

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