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These personal injury verdicts and settlements are all fact dependent and the results in any given case is entirely dependent on the facts and the law applicable to that case. No guarantee can be given as to the outcome in any particular case.

Cross Section of Personal Injury Verdicts and Settlements

The cases reflected in this section cover a cross section of injury cases from auto accidents to product liability claims to medical malpractice cases to premises liability claims in most of the courts in Northern Virginia and also in Washington DC. Whether the cases were tried to conclusion or settled they reflect the efforts of Brien Roche and his staff to maximize the recovery for the client and giving priority to the client’s interest.

Personal Injury Verdicts-Settlements: Prepared For Trial

All of these cases were hard fought and also reflect the willingness of the insurance industry to put the plaintiff and counsel to the test to see if they are in fact prepared and willing to take the case to trial. There is never an assurance that the insurance company will increase offers of settlement as the case proceeds to trial and as such it becomes the judgment of counsel with the consent of the client to determine whether the case is one to try or one to settle. That cooperative attitude is what helps to maximize the recovery for the client.

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Reported Appellate Cases:

  • Berwyn Fuel, Inc. v. Hogan, 399 A.2d 79 (D.C.C.A.,1979)
  • Butler v. Pearson, 636 F.2d 526 (D.C. Cir., 1980)
  • Hall v. Ford Enterprises, Ltd., 445 A.2d 610 (D.C.C.A., 1982)
  • Tarpley v. Greene, 684 F.2d 1 (D.C. Cir., 1982)
  • Prendergast v. Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority, 227 Va. 190 (1984)
  • Bowers v. May, 233 Va. 411 (1987)
  • Fogle v. Ramsey Winch Co., Inc., 774 F.Supp. 19 (1991)
  • Petra Intern. Banking Corp. v. Dameron Intern. Inc., 953 F2d 1383 (4th Cir., 1992)
  • Howard & Hoffman, Inc. v. Hartford Acc. & Indem. Co., 634 A.2d 1214 (D.C.C.A.,1993)
  • Tri-Star Management Group, Ltd. v. Samson, 8 F.3d 820 (4th Cir., 1993)
  • Huston v. State Farm Mut. Auto. Ins. Co., 99 F.3d 132 (4th Cir., 1996)
  • Schwartz v. Brownlee, 253 Va. 159 (1997)
  • Clem v. Corbeau, 284 F.3d 543 (4th Cir., 2002)
  • Lackman v. Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc., 266 Va. 20 (2003)
  • Clem v. Corbeau, 98 Fed. Appx. 197 (4th Cir., 2004)
  • Lesesne v. Zablocki, 2007 WL 49651 (Court of Appeals of Virginia, 2007)
  • Sheridan v. Nationwide Retirement Solutions, Inc., 313 Fed. Appx. 615, (4th Cir., 2009)
  • Hunter v. Carter Lovejoy, 671 Fed. Appx. 182 (4th Cir., 2016)
Car Accident Verdicts and Settlements
Auto accident settlement for devastating and crippling injuries - $3,000,000.00
Brain injury to pedestrian: - $2,100,000
Loss of forearm in motor vehicle rollover case - $1,250,000
Auto Crash Involving Brain Injury - $$975,000
Award for brain injury from auto accident - $600,000
Rear-end accident involving local police officer - $600,000
Settlement with trucking company - $450,000
Intersection collision resulting in lower back injury - $400,000
Wrongful death of elderly man - $350,000
Low back injury from intersection accident - $225,000
Bus accident resulting in neck injury - $175,000
Truck Crash - $$175,000
Intersection accident resulting in shoulder injury - $155,000
Injury to minor child - $150,000
Rear-end accident resulting in diffuse neurological injury - $150,000
Child pedestrian accident resulting in broken foot - $130,000
Jury verdict against trucking company for client's soft tissue injury - $100,000
Contract Action Verdicts and Settlements
Business Dispute - $862,847.00 Jury Verdict
Contract action against major insurance company, settlement on behalf of client - $700,000
Legal Malpractice Settlement - $600,000.00

Settlement of Legal Malpractice action for failure of attorney to incorporate terms into Property Settlement Agreement that should have been included.

Legal Malpractice Action Against Local Attorney, failed to diligently pursue wrongful death action - $550,000
Legal malpractice action on behalf of local physician - $500,000
Brokerage collection claim on behalf of local broker - $375,000
Medical Malpractice Verdicts and Settlements
Jury verdict against local urologist - $1,850,000
1,000,000. Settlement - $1,000,000

Settlement of wrongful death claim against local health care provider for $1,000,000.00

Jury verdict against local obstetrician/gynecologist - $900,000
Medical malpractice settlement against local urologist - $800,000
Award to infant after 3 weeks of trial against local radiologist & neurosurgeon - $750,000
Settlement For Inpatient Suicide - $500,000
Settlement against local hospital to widow - $400,000
Settlement against local hospital for death of elderly patient - $350,000
Settlement against local obstetrician/gynecologist - $300,000
Misdiagnosis of urological problem - $195,000
Premises Liability Verdicts and Settlements
Injury to client who suffered severe injuries - $2,400,000
Settlement with landlord for injury to small child - $1,750,000
Slip and Fall by Minor Plaintiff - $$800,000
Injury to Small Child - $400,000

Injury to small child at campground

Falling Object in Dance Studio - $$375,000
Child falling from a window - $350,000
Near drowning of a child in hotel pool - $350,000
Slip and fall on ice resulting in broken ankle - $335,000
Slip and fall settlement against local restaurant - $300,000
Carbon monoxide injury to clients.Hotel settled for - $250,000
Loss of Part of Finger, premises defect - $175,000
Jury verdict against building owner for slip and fall accident - $140,000
Slip and fall settlement against local building owner - $125,000
Product Liability Verdicts and Settlements
Settlement for defective exercise machine - $1,500,000 plus $400,000 disability payment
Wrongful Death Verdicts and Settlements
Wrongful death claim against local healthcare provider - $1,000,000
Settlement against local hospital for inpatient suicide - $500,000
Settlement against local hospital for death of spouse - $400,000
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Personal injury Verdicts-Settlements

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