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Drug injury in the United States as a result of the side-effects of drugs prescribed by doctors is widespread. Prescription drugs must be approved by the FDA before sold to the U. S. public. Medical doctors, however, are authorized to prescribe these drugs for what is called off-label use for purposes not intended or approved by the FDA.

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Drug Injury Lawyer Addresses Drug Injuries Resulting From Off-Label Use

Drug injury litigation is taken seriously by the pharmaceutical companies and is hard fought by them and by the physicians who are on their payroll. Many doctors prescribe medication based on their allegiance with the drug industry and not necessarily based on patient need.

For example, one drug may have been approved for one use by the FDA, but doctors, based on anecdotal evidence, are allowed to prescribe the drug for other purposes. This can be dangerous. Before taking a particular medication, it is important to read the allowed use and if the prescribed use does not match this then ask your physician why it is being prescribed.

Claims against the manufacturer for damage resulting from uses that are not disclosed as part of the package insert are problematic because the manufacturer may be immune from suit in certain instances provided it complied with the FDA required disclosures. Although the use may be off label some manufacturers in fact encourage physicians to prescribe for such usage in order to increase sales. This goes back to the sometimes all too cozy relationship that exists between physicians and the drug company representatives that are selling the drugs.

If you have been injured as a result of the improper prescription of a drug you need a drug injury lawyer on your side. Brien Roche, a Fairfax, Virginia and Washington D.C. area attorney,  has more than 35 years experience in personal injury and medical malpractice law and has garnered substantial compensation for his clients.

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