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There are a number of common household products that can be the source of serious burn injuries.  These items include:

  • Cigarette lighters
  • Stoves
  • Electric or electronic toys

Burn Injuries Associated with Household Items

Many household items are cushioned with polyurethane foam.  This is a petroleum product that has a high degree of flammability.  In addition this type of product consumes a great deal of oxygen as it burns and thereby endangers anyone who is in the room where such a fire is occurring.

It is clearly possible to make furniture that is safe and does not have this type of explosive characteristic   There are available on the market various materials that can  used to cover furniture that will act as a retardant.  In addition there is material that is designed to act as a barrier between the highly flammable foam and the fabric that may surround it.  In addition there are a variety of different types of retardants that can reduce the likelihood of burn injury.

Manufacturers are certainly on notice that there are a number of different ignition sources or ignition prods that exist around the house.  Manufacturers who are making these household items, in particular furniture, should design their products with these foreseeable uses and also misuses in mind.

Regulations and Standards May Apply to Burn Injury Cases

There are a number of federal regulations that apply to household products such as mattresses, mattress pads, electronic toys and also lighters.

The American National Standards Institute and also Underwriters’ Laboratory have issued standards that apply to stoves so as to hopefully prevent injuries to children climbing on open stove doors.

Other sources of potential standards are the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the U.S. Fire Administration and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  These are all federal agencies.  In addition there is the National Fire Protection Association and the National Association of State Fire Marshals which are private agencies that may offer some guidance.

Any products that have been subject to a recall certainly should be looked at with great scrutiny in terms of whether or not they were properly manufactured.  A common defense asserted by a manufacturer is that the plaintiff who is bringing the claim is not an intended user.  An intended use typically includes any use that is reasonably foreseeable to the seller even if the precise manner of injury may not be foreseeable.

In looking at any burn injury case it is important to fully appreciate all of the flammability characteristics of the product including but not limited to the rate of heat release, the way in which smoke, carbon monoxide and other products are generated, the rate at which oxygen is consumed by the fire and temperatures at various locations in the item.

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You can also do further research on the burn injury pages on Wikipedia.

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