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Fairfax Injury Lawyer Brien Roche Addresses Professional Liability Cases

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Professional liability claims are hard fought. The professional person will probably take the claim personally. You need to take the claim personally. You need to have a tough, competent lawyer by your side.

Malpractice lawyers come in many flavors. Some focus on medical malpractice. Some focus on legal malpractice claims. However there are also claims that exist against accountants, architects, clergy or other professional people.

These claims require an expert within that field to testify that the person being sued has engaged in conduct that is substandard. That substandard conduct must have caused injury to you.

Keys to Successful Professional Liability Cases

That expert must have the background to be able to testify as to what is the standard of care that should have complied with. In addition she must state the standard of care was violated. Finally she must state whether that caused damage to the Plaintiff. 

These types of claims are never easy. They are hard fought by the professional person.  Most professional people carry malpractice insurance coverage. This protects them from liability.  This insurance coverage offers the professional person legal defense and indemnity for any claims covered.

Professional liability claims are hard fought because they can impact the professional’s reputation. They can also affect their insurance rates. Call, or contact us for a free consult.

Before pursuing a professional liability claim, the matter must be fully vetted. It must be reviewed by another professional to decide what is the standard of care. In some cases there may not be a standard of care. For instance the action taken may be off the beaten track. There may not be any standard for the action taken. If so then there probably is no claim.

In addition the hardest part of these cases is proving that the breach of the standard caused damage to the plaintiff. If the standard of care has been violated but there is no proof of how it injured you then there is no claim. Many people including lawyers have a problem grasping that concept. Without that proof of what the conduct caused there is no case. In addition the damages claimed must be fully assessed. You must set forth what the damages are in some detail.

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Over 40 years trial experience. Recoveries over $30,000,000.00 in compensation for his clients. Brien Roche is the tough, experienced Fairfax, Virginia lawyer you need. If you think that you have a basis for such a claim, contact us.

For more information on professional liability see the pages on Wikipedia.

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Professional Liability Attorney

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