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Admissions by Insurers in Personal Injury Actions

In the course of dealing with insurance companies, sometimes they make interesting admissions as to the case they are handling. Those admissions may be governed by Rule 2:408(a)(2) and Rule 2:803(0)(C) and (D). Admissions Insurers Personal Injury – Negotiations Rule … Continue reading

Direct Corporate Liability for Personal Injury

A corporation may be either directly liable or vicariously liable for injury claims. Vicarious liability is discussed in another blog post on this site.  Direct corporate liability may be based upon actions of a high-ranking corporate employee, negligent hiring, negligent … Continue reading

VDOT Condemnation Cases

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is the primary condemner in most eminent domain cases statewide. However there may be other governmental entities that condemn property. Their process is all much the same. Title 33.2 of the Virginia Code governs VDOT’s … Continue reading

Fair Market Value of Real Estate

Sometimes in the course of litigation there arises issues about the fair market value of real estate. When you get into fair market value questions, normally there is going to be an appraiser involved. Appraisers Use Three Different Approaches in … Continue reading

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